Robert Franklin Olson

Captain, Army of the United States


From Britt, IA

07 January 1936 - 07 August 1969

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Robert Franklin Olson is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Panel 20W Line 109 .

14 Oct 2003

Captain Robert Olson was married to a lovely woman, Lois and had one beautiful daughter, Pamela. He was drafted into the Army in 1958. He was sent to Germany where he served in the Fourth Armoured Division .. "Hell On Wheels". He attained the rank of E5 in the first few months he was in the Army. Germany is where I had the pleasure of meeting Lois and Bob. He left the Army in 1959 for about one year but civilian life was not for him and he reenlisted. He loved what he was doing. He was sent to Viet Nam once and then requested to be sent back. He received a Purple Heart for a pungi stake incident before he lost his life. My prayer is that Bob and all of the men who so bravely put their lives on the line know how terribly grateful we are to them, for without their sacrifice we would not know the freedoms we now enjoy.

This is a poem I wrote for Bob.

He was a special man, he liked to tease.
He had a way of putting you at ease.
Like so many others he answered the call.
Like so many others he gave it his all.
Like so many others he gave his life.
Leaving behind his family and wife.
Leaving behind so many friends,
Left to mourn and wonder when it would end.
Like so many before him he fought that war.
Like so many before him, he wondered what for?
He did the duty he was supposed to do.
He did the duty for me and for you.
They all gave their lives, fighting across the sea,
And now we are left with only fond memories.
Because of their courage we're proud and true,
We are free and we're thankful for the
� OWNER Jeannie (Gilbert) Nourse

Thanks Bob,
It's been so many years, we still miss you.
Fondly, the Dean Gilbert Family

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           15 Oct 2003
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