Joseph Verne Olszewski

EMFN, United States Navy


From Chico, California

09 September 1949 - 27 January 1970

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Joseph Verne Olszewski is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Panel 14W Line 072.

08 Jan 2008

Joseph Olszewski and I were stationed at Naval Support Activity Saigon Detachment Ben Luc.

The base was located approximately 20 miles southwest of Saigon on the Vam Co Dong River. NSA Det Ben Luc was a repair and support facility for the river divisions and the Advanced Tactical Support Bases (ATSBs) that were involved in Operation Giant Slingshot.

Joseph was an electrican's mate. He was one of the first to arrive at Ben Luc while the base was still under construction and spent many a long day helping to get the base up and running. In addition to his day time duties, every other night he stood a perimeter watch. His work as an electrican's mate was spent either in the shop or down at the "T" pier working on a boat. Although most repairs were handled at Ben Luc occasionally boats had to be repaired where they were and under not so ideal conditions. It was while on one of these repair assignments to one of the ATSBs that Joseph died as a direct result of his job. He had volunteered for this assignment.

Joseph was one of those guys you could count on, whether he was filling sand bags, standing a watch or just doing his job. He had a contagious smile and a youthful optimism.

To those who served with him he will never be just a name on "The Wall". He was a comrade, a brother in arms, and most of all a friend.

Rest in peace, "Ski", and be assured you will not be forgotten!

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