United States Marine Corps

Harold O'Neal, Jr

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
15 March 1948 - 15 September 1968
Shreveport, LA
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, and Vietnam Campaign medals

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Harold and I went to high school together at Woodlawn in Shreveport, La. It seems like everybody in school knew and liked him and we had about 2000 kids at this school. I think he could make you laugh so hard that you would almost pass out.

We were both in Nam at the same time, but he was in the Marines and I was in the 101st. Our mothers, along with some more ladies, would send us a box of goodies about every two months or so. I'm sure he looked forward to them as much as I did.

Harold was a short timer when he was killed in September. My mother didn't tell me because I was coming home in December, and as a boonie rat she didn't want me to know. She, God bless her, was trying to protect me.

Woodlawn High was lucky, it lost only four sons to Viet Nam. To honor them all the student body placed a monument with their names on it for all to see and know of the sacrifice they made.

For all the Marines who were with Harold,
I'm sure he made you laugh and feel a little better.

A memorial from his friend,
Edwin Tubbs
11 Mar 2001

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