Gerard Francis Paulsen
Second Lieutenant
United States Marine Corps
Cambria Heights, New York
August 11, 1946 to February 23, 1969
GERARD F PAULSEN is on the Wall at Panel W31, Line 15

Combat Action Ribbon
Gerard F Paulsen
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"All the photos I send are to honor my fellow brothers."

-- Walter Dampier, 10/30/2012


"Information below provided in Honor of the 1593 US Marines and USN Navy Corpsmen who served with the 7th Marine Regiment in Vietnam and paid the ultimate sacrifice for God, Corps, and Country with their lives."

-- Victor Vilionis, 7th Marines

Gerard, the son of Frank E. Paulsen and Clara E. Paulson of Cambria Heights, Queens NY was commissioned as 2nd Lietenant in the US Marine Corps Reserve. Upon arriving in Vietnam for duty on Dec 22, 1968 he was assigned as a Platoon commander with Company G, 2d Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st MARDIV (Rein), Fleet Marine Force (FMF).

During a daily road sweep for mines, the security patrol and engineer team came into contact with a large NVA force which engaged the unit with Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs), automatic weapons, and rifle fire near the Phuoc Hung village complex in Hieu Duc District. The Marines took cover returning fire, radioed for assistance, and requested close air and artillery support to combat the superior enemy force.

One of the Company's platoons that was nearby sent a reaction force of two squads to reinforce and assist the embattled Marines. The fire fight developed into a day long battle until the NVA withdrew into the surrounding high ground and pursuit became impossible. Six Marines were killed during the fire fight; ten were wounded requiring medical evacuation,

Marine casualties on this day were:

-- The Virtual Wall

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