John Robert Peacock, II

VMA(AW)-533, MAG-15, 1ST MAW
United States Marine Corps
04 September 1946 - 25 February 1976
Kailua, Hawaii
Panel 01W Line 081



Naval Aviator

Purple Heart, Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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23 May 2001

John R Peacock

Following the 1972 Spring Offensive by the North Vietnamese, the United States began a concerted bombing campaign against North Vietnam and the NVA-occupied areas of Laos, Cambodia, and South Vietnam.

On October 12, 1972, Captain John R. Peacock, pilot, and 1Lt William M. Price, bombardier-navigator, were assigned a combat mission over North Vietnam. Their last known location was about 15 miles west of Dong Hoi in Quang Binh Province, North Vietnam. When the aircraft (A-6A BuNo 155700) failed to return to base, the two were listed as Missing in Action.

Peacock and Price were not acknowledged as POWs by the North Vietnamese, and they were not released with the American POWs in the spring of 1973. A presumptive finding of "Died while Missing" eventually was issued for both men. Their remains have not been repatriated (May 2001).

They are not forgotten.

Jennifer M. Rodrigues

12 Oct 2005

I proudly wear Captain Peacock's MIA bracelet.
Never forget...

Lillian Perkins

26 Dec 2005

I wear Captain John R. Peacock's bracelet.
To all who have fought and have died,

Joe Thornton

07 Mar 2006

I am honored to wear the MIA bracelet of
John Robert Peacock II
May God bless all those who served
in the Vietnam War.
You are not forgotten!!!

Karen Lemon, RN

09 Aug 2007

I have worn Captain John Robert Peacock's MIA Bracelet for thirty years. A man I never had the pleasure to meet. As I visited the Wall in D.C. this weekend I felt the need to learn more about him - and I finally have a face to go with the name that I have prayed for all these years. God bless his family and friends. To all the men and women who gave their lives in the Vietnam War - YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN!!!

From MIA bracelet,
Sherry VanEyll
E-mail address is not available.

12 Dec 2007

I wanted to extend to the Peacock family my thoughts and prays. My father, William Marshall Price, was John's navigator. I know the years go by but this The Virtual Wall of memories and prayers is a wonderful thing for us both. We wish all the family our best.

The Peterlin's,
Marshall, Jackie, Wiley, Max and Price Christine

Marshall Peterlin

15 Jan 2008

In September of 1964, Rob (as we knew him) came from his island home of Hawaii to the granite hills of New Hampshire to enroll at Dartmouth College. He was a good friend to many of his classmates in the Class of 1968.

This year we are celebrating our 40th Class Reunion in June, and I have been calling classmates to promote participation in our reunion. A number of them have mentioned Rob with fondness and respect. We could always count on Rob; he was a gentleman, a fine human being, and a true patriot. We remember him with great affection.

I have known for many years that Rob was MIA, but since I first read his panel on The Virtual Wall in 2000 I have wished more than ever for a resolution to his fate. I believe that some day he will come home. Meanwhile, Semper Fi, LOTF, old friend.

From a friend,
Peter Wonson

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