Carl Oscar Pearson, Jr

Private First Class, United States Marine Corps


From Silverhill, AL

18 June 1949 - 08 May 1968

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Carl Oscar Pearson, Jr is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Panel 57E Line 003 .

"Buddy" was my first and younger brother, closer to me than either of my older sisters were when he left home in August 1967 for boot camp. I did not realize the seriousness of his enlistment at the time.

When I bought my first car at age 21 Buddy had shared my joy and took such good care of it you'd have thought my 1967 Mustang was his. During those brief months before he entered the Marine Corps he brought it home spic and span with a tank of gas each time I let him take it for a spin.

Buddy planned to return to the farm helping Daddy and Mama, then to marry and build a home down under the pines on his favorite spot. He loved driving the tractors at home and referred to the AmTrac as his "tractor". He wanted us to save some fish in the pond for him.

Buddy will never be forgotten. The love of this sister is still strong but God has shown me how to extend that love to others until in God's own time we meet again.

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