Regginald William Plummer

Staff Sergeant
Army of the United States
18 November 1942 - 09 December 1969
New Orleans, Louisiana
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Army Good Conduct, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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28 Dec 2003

SSG Regginald Plummer was a member of B Battery, 2nd Battalion, 12th Artillery, a 155mm towed howitzer unit based out of Phu Loi, Vietnam. A Battery, 2nd Battalion, 13th Artillery was a 105mm towed howitzer unit also based out of Phu Loi. Both units were under the control of the 23rd Artillery Group. I was executive officer of A Battery, 2nd Battalion, 13th Artillery in December 1969.

23rd Artillery Group blended a composite unit of three 105 mm howitzers from A Battery 2/13 with three 155mm howitzers from B Battery 2/12 to form a unit known as D Battery, 2nd Battalion, 13th Artillery. SSG Plummer was assigned to this composite unit in November 1969 for a mission at Bu Dop Special Forces Camp in War Zone C. The Battery Commander was Captain Peter Economos of 2/13. SSG Plummer was the Chief of Firing Battery. Combined personnel from 2/13 and 2/12 were known as D Battery, 2nd Battalion, 13th Artillery, a "Red Dragon Clan" unit.

I was not present at Bu Dop in November-December 1969, and am writing from recollections of unit members present. A mortar attack ignited an ammunition dump in the camp, which burned furiously for several hours. The next day SSG Plummer went to clear debris from the site. While shuffling unexploded ordnance a grenade detonated, wounding SSG Plummer severely. SSG Plummer died the next day from injuries suffered trying to make the unit perimeter safe for battery personnel.

I am writing this as a project to commemorate fallen artillerymen of the Red Dragon Clan. I gathered information about SSG Plummer from unit members present at Bu Dop. Colonel Joseph Luger, Captain Peter Economos, SGT Mike Merritt, and SGT Bart Theile all deeply regret SSG Plummer's death because of action at Bu Dop. Rest in Peace, SSG Plummer. Your memory lives on with those you touched.

From a unit veteran,
William E. Novakovic
513 Woodland Avenue Oakmont, Pa. 15139

13 Feb 2004

I remember when SSG Plummer joined B Battery, 2/12th Arty, as a crew chief in the fall of 1969. I was a Spec 4 and gunner in another gun section. We (the more junior members of the Battery) were in awe of SSG Plummer and, perhaps, just a little bit afraid of him. He seemed to us to be what we called at that time "strack" - squared away and a bit gung ho. We were also somewhat intimidated because he had previously served with the 173rd Airborne Brigade. But what started out as awe and fear on our parts soon turned to admiration and respect as we realized that SSG Plummer was a dedicated professional who cared about what he was doing and wanted to perform at the highest level. That attitude rubbed off on the rest of us. I was at Bu Dop when SSG Plummer was killed in December 1969. I felt a real sense of personal loss and the Battery lost a top notch NCO. Thanks to Bill Novakovic for his fine memorial to SSG Plummer.

From a battery mate,
Michael A. Merritt

8 Oct 2004

I was an RTO with HHC, 1/5 Cav at Bu Dop in the fall of 1969. I had been in country since March. Bu Dop was by far the hottest two months of my tour. I remember the ammunition dump explosions and I remember well the reports of KIA and WIA as a result of unexploded rounds in the area. Those who gathered up the 'duds' for demolition did not receive the recognition they deserved.

From a fellow soldier,
Steve Allen
Portland, Or

13 Jul 2006

We would like to say thank you to everyone who has posted their testimonials about our father on this website. It really means a lot to us.

Reggie has four daughters who were left behind with very little information about him. We know that he loved us and that he loved what he did. We know without a doubt that he loved this country.

Here are the names of his children starting with the eldest, Margret Vedrenne of New Orleans, La.; Laurie Burke of Adrain, Mo.; Raina Elliott of Pleasent Hill, Mo.; and Janet Bock of Pleasent Hill, Mo.

You can reach us through my e-mail

We would like the world to know that our father means the world to us. We know that we were too young to remember him, because most of our lifes he was serving this country. He died two months before his last daughter was even born. We only have two pictures of him, so anything - information or pictures - someone else might have of him we would be forever in their debt if they would pass them on to us.

We thank you all very much for what you have said about our father.

In loving memory of our father, Regginald W. Plummer,
Raina and Janet and Margret and Laurie

Raina Elliott
Pleasent Hill, Mo 64080

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