Joseph Byron Poe

First Lieutenant, United States Army

Prattsville, Arkansas

February 7, 1947 to September 20, 1971

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Joseph B Poe is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, panel 02W line 22.

Just a simple recognition of a very nice person that I was assigned with at the 5/31st Infantry, 197th Infantry Brigade, Ft. Benning, GA 1970.

In a chance meeting in a transient barracks at Long Bien, I met his CO from the "Army's Navy" who was going back to Washington to accept a Presidential Unit Citation for a period that covered LT Poe's 8 or 9 months in that unit. He was the one that told me that Joe had been reassigned to an Infantry platoon and was the only casualty in a fire fight during a helicopter resupply event. Joe spent the entire 11 months in field operations.

I would like to talk to anyone else that knew Joe.

My name is Norm,

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