Gary Joe Pollock

Army of the United States
04 August 1950 - 28 March 1969
Sigurd, Utah
Panel 28W Line 074



Bronze Star (Valor), Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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16 May 2006


Gary was killed in action in Vietnam in 1969, but this poem was written with him in mind and to honor him.


I am the son, who was taken from home,
Who was sent off to war way over the foam.
Sadly I'm found at age twenty-one,
In a country, not mine, in 'seventy-one.

I ask "How can people so fearless be?
How can people be so foolish and not see?"
Sadly I'm found at age twenty-one,
In a country, not mine, in 'seventy-one.

A fighting soldier, I've been trained, you see,
to fight in a country far across the sea.
I stand alone looking out to see one,
In a country, not mine, in 'seventy-one.

Alone, tho' among feelingless strangers
Surrounded by those who care not for dangers,
How I need a friend, yes, I need just one,
In a country, not mine, in 'seventy-one.

Because of my fear that runs deep inside,
Tears fill my eyes that I desperately hide;
Those needles and pins, now it has begun,
In a country, not mine, in 'seventy-one.

My heart is home and where I want to be,
I did not think I'd miss it, but now I see;
I want to be home, this war I want won!
In a country, not mine, in 'seventy-one.

I am the son, who was taken from home,
Who was sent back home way over the foam;
A life that was ended at just twenty-one
In a country, not mine, in 'seventy-one.

- By Jesse W. Asay and Stan Pollock -
Dedicated to Sgt. Gary Pollock
Who was killed in South Vietnam

After their tank was disabled and Gary was wounded, the enemy was overruning their position. Gary attempted to hold off the enemy so that the rest of his crew could get away. This resulted in Gary's death.

From a cousin,
Stan Pollock

07 Jul 2007

I would like any information on my little brother's death, what happened, what he did. I am trying to get his Bronze Star upped to a Silver Star.

SP/5 James G. Pollock
251 East Gailway, Washington, Utah 84780

A Note from The Virtual Wall

The MACV Summary for 28 March 1969 begins with the following entry:

The four US soldiers believed to have been killed in this action are
  • A Co, 2nd Bn, 28th Infantry
    • SP4 Robert L. Weiher, Battle Creek, MI

  • C Trp, 1st Sqdn, 4th Cavalry
    • SFC Alvin F. Gunter, Rockwood, TN
    • SGT Gary J. Pollock, Sigurd, UT (Bronze Star "V")
    • PFC George K. Golden, Eva, AL

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