Richard Joseph Privitar

Army of the United States
23 April 1946 - 20 October 1971
New York, New York
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Richard J Privitar

National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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13 October 2001

Richard was the love of my life. He was a son that every mother would have been proud to have. He was a wonderful boy and man who loved his family, friends and countrymen. Richard was a Fordham Prep and Fordham University graduate. Of all his fine qualities, what I hold dearest to my heart was his wit. I would like you to hear some of his wise cliches.

When Richard graduated the Prep and while on summer vacation, my neighbor, who was in construction, told Richard that working in construction for the summer would earn him big money. Richard's Dad would not allow him to do so fearing that Richard would not want to go to college once he earned this money. Richard was very upset about this. However, when he was in his freshman year at college, his Dad asked him if he was still upset with him. Richard put his arm over his father's shoulder and said to him "Hey Dad, how did you learn so much in such a short time?". Another time, my neighbor and I were having coffee. We were discussing a bothersome neighbor and how we got caught lying to her when we had wanted to get rid of her. Richard, who was present at the time of our discussion, chimed in "Oh, what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive".

I could go on and on with his fine qualities. Richard was loved by all who knew him. I miss him terribly and every year it gets worse. I loved him and will love him until I die and beyond.

From his mother,
Mrs. Florence Guarente

02 November 2001

07 Jan 2003

I will see you again ... but not yet, not yet. - Gladiator

Miss you, Daddy - Donna

11 Jul 2004

We met for only a brief time, while we were on Vung Chua Mountain, when I helped to carry your luggage and we talked and laughed about how little time you had left in Vietnam and how happy you were to be going home. Even though you were a Captain and I was a Sergeant, you treated me as if I were a Captain. I will always remember you for being a nice man and soldier. In our hearts forever.

From a fellow Soldier,
Sgt Tommy Bovee
623 Madison St., McGregor, Tx 76657

14 Aug 2004

I met Richard during my tour of duty in Nha Trang at the 21st Signal Group. Captain Privitar was an honorable person and a well respected leader. I believe I am speaking for all who served with him and under his command. I was only an enlisted soldier (Spec 4), but Richard always had time, patience, and guidance for us. We had many chats together (maybe because we were both from New York). I remember the times Richard would ask me to "patch in" and make a connection on our telephone communications (MARS) so he could call home. He did indeed love and miss his family. I was also there the night he called home to say his tour of duty was extended. He was very disappointed, and one could tell how much he missed his family. I will always remember Captain Privitar, even though some 34 years has passed. I am sure Captain Privitar made a difference in quite a few people because he did for me. Captain Privitar, a gentleman, a friend, a leader, an inspiration for all that met him, these are the qualities of a real "HERO".

Thomas Buono

27 Feb 2007

I knew Rich in high school at Fordham Prep. We played on the football team together. He was a lineman and I was a defensive back. Rich always kept a cheerful spirit and had an encouraging word for each of his teammates. More than once he encouraged me when things were tough.

It wasn't until years after the war that I saw his name on the memorial wall at a HS reunion, that I learned of his death. He was a true gentleman and, even after more than forty years, I still think about him. We lost a truly decent and caring guy.

From a former teammate,
Kevin Smith

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