Rickey Allen Proctor

Specialist Four
Army Of The United States
15 November 1948 - 26 April 1969
Redding, CA
Panel 26W Line 056

Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, and Vietnam Campaign medals

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Rickey was such a gentle person. Through his passing my life has been changed forever and in so many ways I dedicate my work in his name. We were cousins born one year and a month apart. I realize he would be 52 now. I'm glad I came to your funeral, Rickey, but today is my time of really saying goodbye and thanking you for your sacrifice. Your passing left a huge hole in the fabric of our family. Do people know that your name is spelled that way because of our relative Branch Rickey, a man so important to baseball? We are all so proud of our connection to him. I still see you in my mind's eye, cousin, still young with a slow smile and your Dad's slow humor. The week you died I met my future husband. I was so mad at what happened to you, we went to Canada to avoid his induction. We have had an amazing life since we met and I credit your passing to why we are together.

Thank you again, cousin. You are not forgotten and I feel better telling you this.


A memorial from his cousin,
Jan Weiser
15 Feb 2001

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