Dale Eugene Rauber

Specialist Four
Army of the United States
20 March 1948 - 21 February 1969
Cambridge, Wisconsin
Panel 32W Line 072

Combat Infantry

Bronze Star, Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, RVN Gallantry Cross, RVN Campaign Medals

Dale E Rauber

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26 Sep 2001

My uncle died
in the combat zone.
They boxed him up
and sent him home.
Pinned on a purple heart
and one bronze star.
Mother hated this part.
It left her heart with a scar.

The tears rolled down
my mother's face.
I saw the recruiter downtown,
and I found my place.
I joined the Corps
to go to war.
My uncle's pride was worth fighting for.

I jumped on a plane for MCRD.
The DI's were insane,
they were after me.
They made me do pull-ups and sit-ups
all day long.
"To survive in the bush, you've gotta be strong."

One year later, all was well.
Then Saddam Hussein made my life hell.
Late one night, we had a firefight.
My friend had 2 kids and a wife before Iraq took his life.

So now my family looks up to God at the heavens above...
... Semper Fi, Uncle Dale, we miss you, with all our love!!!

With a loving memory from
Dale's father, Adrian Rauber,
and his extended family, the Shermans.

From his nephew.
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08 August 2002

by a high school classmate.

You came to us a stranger, but left us as a friend. We shared many things, the love of Lake Ripley, a glorious Conference Track Championship in 1966, and love of country. You made a difficult decision to serve your country in an unpopular war, as many of us did.

You made the ultimate sacrifice,
and we will never forget ... ever.

Lee Kampstad
Master Sergeant, USAF

21 Jan 2005

They gave us hope.
They gave us courage.
Our soldiers will be
With us forever...

Dale Eugene Rauber was one of them.
He was a brave man,
Far braver than most of us could ever be.
I didn't know him
And yet this is what I have to say:

"Rauber was a man of heart,
One of honesty,
And one of integrity.
His sacrifice
Was something that..
Some of us could never do ."

I say again I didn't know him,
But what he did was something
I value and hold true.
To fight and die for this country
Is an honor...

And a sacrifice that will always be...
In our memory.

Ruby Monichan
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The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his nephew.
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26 Sep 2001

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