David Layman Ray
Staff Sergeant
Army of the United States
Louisville, Kentucky
March 25, 1946 to March 06, 1968
DAVID L RAY is on the Wall at Panel 43E, Line 31

David L Ray
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On March 6, 1968, according to the 3rd Squadron, 4th Cav's Combat Operations After Action Report (RCS J3-J2) - Operation SARATOGA the entry for A Troop, 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry shows, in part: "Received small arms, (SA), automatic weapons (AW), and Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) fire from unknown size Viet Cong (VC) force; returned fire with all organic weapons, Light Fire Team (LFT), artillery and Tactical Air, resulting in 1 US killed by hostile action (KHA) and 19 US WHA. 1 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) was total combat loss; 1 APC damaged, and 2 tanks damaged. 2 VC KIA, verified by Body Count (BC), and 15 bunkers destroyed."

The one KHA noted above was SGT David Laymon Ray. Another 4th Cav Trooper (B Troop), SSG Clifford Henry Scheck, Kokomo, Indiana, was severely wounded on this day, and succumbed to his wounds at Valley Forge General Hospital, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, on July 12, 1968.

19 Mar 2006

I miss you so much, even after all these years. Every one says that I look more and more like you as the years go by.

So for now, I'll just have to wait to see you in Heaven,

Love, your little brother,
Brian Wesley Ray
or sister Patricia

David L Ray

The Ray family believes photo was taken when David was in AIT David L Ray

David L Ray

According to his brother Brian Ray: David had 6 sisters and 3 brothers. Mom and Dad are both gone now, but where alive when David was killed. They were Ernest and Margaret Ray.

The brothers and sisters, in order of oldest to youngest are: Hellen, Lelia, Clifford ( Leo), Valorie (Jean), Ernest (Erine), Nada, David (Layman), Margaret (Diane), Brian ( Wesley), and Cathy. Since David's death, the family lost Nada and Lelia.

All four brothers served in the United States Army. Clifford (Korea), Erine (Vietnam), David (Vietnam), and Brian served in the Army for 6 years (71-77, Vietnam Era) and the Marine Corps (82-92, Desert Storm Era).

The family had 3 nephews who served in Vietnam in the Army. Allen Black, Gene Devine and James Devine, all sons of Hellen. Gene and David where in Vietnam at the same time so it was Gene who escorted David's body back home and returned to Vietnam to finish his tour.

The photo below, taken Christmas in 1967, shows, left to right, brothers Ernie and David (Layman), and nephews Gene Devine and Allen Black. It was just before David and Gene went to Vietnam. Ernie's shoulder patch shows he was with the 5th Infantry Division, and if he was with it in Vietnam, then it was the 1st Brigade that served under the 25th Infantry Division, same as David did but with the 4th Cavalry.

David L Ray

SSG David Layman Ray was laid to rest in Bethany Cemetery, Valley Station, Kentucky. He was survived by his wife, Brenda C Ray and one son, living in Louisville at the time. He was also survived by his parents, Mrs. and Mr. Ernest L Ray, Powell Avenue, Louisville. They are buried just to the left of David's grave in photo below.

David L Ray

SSG Ray's Orders for Bronze Star
David L Ray

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