Shellie Jean Reed

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
23 August 1946 - 27 December 1967
Jackson, Mississippi
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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14 Apr 2002

"Not for fame or reward, not for place or for rank,
but in simple obedience to duty,
as they understood it."
Confederate Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery

A memorial from a friend,
George F Wymore
9848 Sand Castle Dr, Pevely, Mo 63070
13 Feb 2006

Shellie Reed was a friend of mine. I met him in Vietnam. I was his Corpsman. He was a kind and friendly man from the east coast. He would speak often of his wife and children. It hurt me when this family man died. I know his family misses him to this day.

He was always brave and true to the "Corps". I've never forgotten him and I never will. Having given the full measure of his life to the cause that was before him, he is the true example of a United States Marine. I owe him, and the others like him, for my life, for he gave me cover as I tended to the wounded and helped carry the wounded and dead to the choppers for evacuation. He always covered the the backs of his comrades, and though he never recieved a "Medal of Honor" he was a hero to me.

Shellie Reed, I salute you. I always remember you and offer a toast to you and our other fallen friends on every occasion that has anything to do with honor, sacrifice, Veterans Day, and whenever I remember your family.

You will always be in my thoughts and prayers, knowing you are where all good men go when they die, for you lived with honor and died in faith that good would prevail - and it does in my memories of you.

Your own in service,
"Doc I"

From a Navy Corpsman who served with him in Vietnam,
Carmelo Infantino ("Doc I")
325 Hembree Forest Circle, Roswell, Ga. 30076

A Note from The Virtual Wall

When Battalion Landing Team 3/1, built around the 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines, landed at Than Tham Khe during Operation Badgertooth they ran into a buzz-saw. At day's end on 27 Dec 1967, 3/1 had lost 49 men, most of them from Lima Company:
  • H&S Company: 3 men
  • K Company: 6 men
    • Cpl Ronald L. Kesling, Baltimore, MD
    • LCpl Calvin W. Biles, Little Rock, AR
    • LCpl Shellie J. Reed, Jackson, MS
    • LCpl Steven E. Shekell, Daleville, IN
    • Pfc Donald L. Applegate, Loveland, OH
    • Pfc Richard E. Lewis, Los Angeles, CA
  • L Company: 28 men
  • M Company: 12 men
The final casualty from Than Tham Khe was Corporal David O. Kamp, rendered a quadraplegic by small arms fire; he died on 19 March 1997 of complications from his injuries.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a friend,
George F Wymore
9848 Sand Castle Dr, Pevely, Mo 63070
12 Apr 2002

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
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