Joseph Ray Reynolds
Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
Compton, California
April 14, 1945 to March 04, 1966
JOSEPH R REYNOLDS is on the Wall at Panel 5E, Line 108

Combat Action Ribbon
Joseph R Reynolds
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15 Nov 2002

Hey buddy, I have never forgotten that I owe you a record player! You remember the one you left with me the last time I saw you? We used it up playing our only record, "The Tracks of My Tears" by Smokey Robinson. Through the years since, every time I have heard that song I have thought of you, that record player and felt a little guilty. It also reminds me of all the years in between that you didn't have. For what it's worth, Joe, I want you to know that I am damn proud to have known and served with you and Jimmie Sanchez. You both will forever be in my memories. If I ever get the guts I will come and see your names in person. God bless you both!

A friend and fellow 'L.A.' Marine
Platoon 155, July 1963, MCRD, San Diego


A Note from The Virtual Wall

According to the 2nd Bn, 3rd Marines and the 3rd Marines command chronologies for March 1966, the point man for a patrol from 3rd Platoon, Hotel 2/3 detonated a booby trap about 5 kilometers west of the Tuy Loan Bridge. Two men were wounded, the point man severely in the head and upper body, another with fragment wounds to the lower body. LCpl Joseph R. Rynolds died from his wounds.

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