Reginald Joseph Rodriguez

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
15 October 1948 - 17 February 1969
Montebello, California
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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14 Feb 2001

Reggie graduated from Montebello High School in 1967. He was in the marching band. Reggie had a great sense of humor and winning smile. He was well loved and still missed.

Saint Benedict Church was filled to overflowing as relatives and friends came to pay their last respects to a wonderful young man who was taken from us much too soon.

Your memory lives on in our hearts.

A memorial from his friend and distant cousin,
Shirley Padilla Jones

20 Aug 2005

I miss him very much, I was in the army in 1972. Just wish he was still with us. I will never forget my cousin - we had the same name after my dad and we have lost them both. I'm the last Reginald Joseph Rodriguez left but I miss them both. I will never forget my cousin. He taught me so much in devil pups as a kid. Reggie, if you can hear me I love and miss you so much.

From a cousin,
Reginald Joseph Rodriguez
11619 Sunglow Street, Santa Fe Springs, Ca. 90670

30 Mar 2007

Reggie Rodriguez is a hero until the end of time, but now he's remembered only by the people who knew him while he was alive. It's been forty years since we graduated together, Reggie, and you're missed by me and Richard Briones and Steve Geckle and Kenny Van Etten and all the other VN vets and people who grew up with you in Montebello, m'brother, con safos.

I recall the first time I ever met Reggie was as a member of the Montebello Jr. High School marching band and he was _the_ drummer, number one, the guy who set the tempo for the whole ensemble. At that time Reggie was hip before any one else, he dressed 'continental' and did the 'slauson' like a champ, and _everyone_ liked him, everyone. Truly, he was admired by all of his peers, because above all else Reggie was a nice and friendly guy, a boy without enemies. His positive influence on others continued through out high school, where he played in bands and participated in sports. Reggie Rodriguez was an All-American kid who joined the U.S. Marine Corps and became part of history - I salute your memory, Reggie, and you'll always live in m'heart.

Dave Frank
Class of '67' Montebello Sr. High School
U.S. Army ('68-'69) - Vietnam - I Corps
3/1st, 11th Light Infantry Brigade
Americal Division

A Note from The Virtual Wall

The Marines are notoriously tight with awards for valor in combat - they expect, and get, unusual valor as a matter of course.

On 17 Feb 1969, though, the Marines of Golf Company, 2/9 Marines, went beyond even Marine standards. Although they lost seven men in a fight 5 kilometers southwest of FSB Erskine, there was one Navy Cross and two Silver Stars among them:

  • LCpl Reginald J. Rodriguez, Montebello, CA
  • LCpl James D. Snyder, Derwent, OH
  • Pfc James W. Bell, Chicago, IL
  • Pfc Michael A. Clute, Hinsdale, NY (Silver Star)
  • Pfc Roger L. Elkins, Fort Gibson, OK (Silver Star)
  • Pfc Weldon G. Lynn, Winder, GA
  • Pfc Roy E. Pitts, North Highlands, CA (Navy Cross)
According to the 2/9 Operations Log, the fight also resulted in 13 wounded from Golf 2/9 and Hotel 2/9 had 3 wounded in another firefight. Almost seven months later, on 11 Aug 1969, another 2/9 Marine died from wounds received on 17 Feb - LCpl Robert W. Hock of Harvey, Illinois. The Virtual Wall has not yet determined if he was from Golf or Hotel 2/9.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
a friend and distant cousin,
Shirley Padilla Jones

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
Memorial first published on 14 Feb 2001
Last updated 09/07/2007