Robert Arthur Saucier

Airman Second Class, United States Air Force


From Pine Bluff, Arkansas

15 July 1946 - 01 July 1967

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Robert Arthur Saucier is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Panel 22E Line 092.

I'm an Air Force vet with three tours in Vietnam in 1965-68. While on my 3rd tour I loss a buddy, Robert Arthur Saucier. His bio page doesn't list his MOS but he was on a combat documentation team. At the time of his death he was in the back seat of an F-100 photographing the war.

His plane had been hit by ground fire and made an emergency landing at Bien Hoa and in the process, from what I heard, ran out of fuel, made a hard landing, rolled over into a drainage ditch, and Bob drowned.

The incident is written up in one of Robert Caputo's books but I can't remember which one. I know of this because I had taken Bob down to the squadron to catch that F-100. I myself had left for Bin Thuey, in the delta, the same day and found out about his death later that day.

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