Charlie Freeman Sauler

Specialist Four
Army of the United States
22 September 1939 - 04 October 1967
Martin's Point, Nova Scotia, Canada
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1 INF DIV Canadian Army 2ND INF RGT
Silver Star

Combat Infantry

Bronze Star (2 awards), Purple Heart, Army Commendation, Good Conduct, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Charlie Sauler

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Canadian Flag
22 Jan 2002

I should have gone with you, my friend

31 Oct 2004

Charlie and I served with the Royal Canadian Regiment from 1961-65. We became good friends during that time. Charlie was truly a gentleman and an outstanding Soldier. He served in the Canadian Forces in Canada and West Germany with distinction and honour and all who knew him would agree. We planned to join the US Forces together but for some reason I decided not to, a decision I often regretted. I often wonder what fate would have dealt if I had gone with you, Charlie.

I think of you
often, my old friend.
Pro Patria

From a friend,
Larry Soroka
75 Windfield Cr, Kingston Ontario K7K 6G6 Canada

17 April 2002

Your sacrifice will always be remembered by those of us who made it back home. You were a soldier, friend, and above all a hero. Not a day goes by that I don't remember what we went through as a squad, platoon, company. Rest in Peace my friend, we will never forget.

Charlie's squad leader and friend,
Francisco V. Martinez

14 Apr 2004


To Charlie:

We had such a short time together. Yet during that time you put an indelible stamp on my life. You taught me to always hold my head high with the assurance I was right, to be brave no matter where my life took me, to live life, love, laugh and to persevere against all odds. You have been my guardian angel and in bad times, I can feel your hand on my shoulder, urging me on and giving me the courage to keep going. I know, then, you are still with me in spirit. You will always have a special place in my heart. Rest well, my love, you fought the good fight.

From his fiance,
Mary M. M. Rhodenizer
RR 1, Riverport, NS, Canada B0J 2W0

The photo at the top of this page was taken around Charlie's birthday in 1967, just a couple of weeks before he was killed. I would like credit for this picture be given to his best friend, Gary Tucker of the 1/2.

21 Apr 2004

This is in honor of my beloved cousin, Charlie Sauler from Martin's Point, NS, Canada, who served in both the Canadian and US Army. The passing of a precious life at a young age was hard to bear and Charlie was sadly missed by all of his family and friends in our community.

So many men have wrote that he was a true leader and I was so proud to hear all of the good memories you men have of him. Mary has shared her letters from all of Charlie's friends and given me what I felt I was robbed of, the chance of knowing him better in my adult years.

I am glad to be able to remember, at the young age of thirteen, seeing Charlie's military funeral service and his burial. I would like to share with you my faint childhood memories... It was a cold, clear day, of silence and great sadness, combined with honor and dignity. I remember the flag on the casket, the soldiers discharging their rifles, the noise, the sound of the bugle playing Taps. I had never witnessed a full military funeral before and I wondered why the soldiers with their guns were there.

He was a very special friend and I can see his absence was felt by many. I have only heard the finest praise of him and it was a great lost to all that knew him. Thank you for sharing your memories of Charlie with us, and I am glad that he had good friends like you. He wasn't alone at the end - he was with friends, doing what he believed in and knowing that means a lot to me. He died doing something that he believed in and that was our Charlie.

I have a son who looks like Charlie. I hope he will be a man such as Charlie. I couldn't remember what Charlie looked like until Mary shared her letters and pictures with me. I would like to thank Gary Tucker for sending the best picture that I have ever seen of Charlie.

We all lost a friend but it was God's will and now he is in God's Army where he is at rest...

A tribute From Charlie's Cousin
Susan Sawler,
RR#1 Rosebay
#70 Feltzen South Road
Lunenburg County, NS Canada B0J 2XO

24 Oct 2004

Charlie and I served together with the First Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment, while in Germany, 1962-1965. Charlie was first and foremost a Gentleman, superb soldier, and trusted friend. Charlie and I talked about leaving the Regiment for service in the American Army, which would provide him the opportunity to see some action in Vietnam. I was about to be married to a beautiful Dutch girl from Amsterdam, Holland in 1965, and declined to go with him on his journey. Charlie had been training for the past 5 years with the First Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment (Infantry), and wanted to put his experience as an Infantryman to test with the American forces offering this chance. I have difficulty today understanding his thinking at the time to go into action as there is no glory in war, only death. Charlie, God Bless you for you have made the supreme sacrifice for the people of the United States of America and I salute you. Pro Patria, Dear Friend - Your Buddy Ernie.

From a friend,
Ernie Matchett
London, Ontario Canada

24 Oct 2004

Charlie Sauler was a very good friend of mine before we joined the 1st Bn, Royal Canadian Regiment. We worked together picking apples in Canning/Kentville, Nova Scotia, in 1960 - that is when we first meet. Two years later we left Ipperwash, Ontario, to Fort York in Soest, Germany, with the 1st Bn B Coy Royal Canadian Regiment. Charlie will always be remembered and will always be in my memories for as long as I live.

Pro Patria, my friend...
your good friend Willy

William (Willy) Bowers

03 May 2005

On the 27 April 05, I visited the Viet Nam Memorial in Washington DC, and particularly wanted to find Charlie Sauler, who I knew and trained on several occasions in Germany when he was serving with the First Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment. Charlie was a quiet, impressive young soldier, dedicated to his craft. I found Charlie's name, touched it, and gave him a quiet salute. Charlie ... you haven't been forgotten. Pro Patria.

From a friend,
Captain Rick Rankine (Retired)
Woodstock, Ontario

A Note from The Virtual Wall

SP4 Charlie Sauler was one of five men from the 1st Battalion, 2nd Infantry, killed in action on 04 Oct 1967:
  • CPT Howard M. Gerstel, Hewlett, NY
  • SGT Craig A. Verlinden, El Sobrante, CA
  • SP4 Charlie F. Sauler, Canada
  • SP4 Terrance H. Schneider, Montrose, MI
  • SP4 Donald G. Schrenk, Buena Vista, CO
SP4 Sauler received the Silver Star, Bronze Star with OLC, Purple Heart, Army Commendation, and Army Good Conduct Medals during his service with the United States Army.

Canadian Army

The Maple Leaf and Crossed Swords, official badge of the Land Forces Command, Canadian Forces, is displayed between the seals of the 1st US Infantry Division and the 2nd US Infantry Regiment as a mark of respect for SP4 Sauler's prior service with the Canadian Armed Forces.

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