Scott Edward Schneider

Army of the United States
27 May 1945 - 17 August 1970
Renton, Washington
Panel 08W Line 120


National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Scott E Schneider

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10 Aug 2003

Scott was a tough guy to get along with and would not put up with any crap from anybody (a true redhead). I went to our 40th high school reunion (Renton High, Washington) and talked with several of the guys who knew Scott ... he hasn't been forgotten.

From a high school friend and classmate,
Marshall Stewart

22 Aug 2004

I went to school with Scott and played drums with him in school and at dances around town. Scott was very much his own man and he really knew what he wanted and he went after it. There was never any question where you stood with Scott. If you didn't know, he had no problem telling you. I have always had the highest respect for Scott and his gift of music was so incredible. I can remember playing for hours at his house practicing for a dance coming up or just learning another song. We understood one another and had a lot of fun in the school years. The craziest thing that we ever did and I will never forget it. One night we were fooling around in my souped up 1955 Plymouth and decided to race a Corvette one evening. Scott said let me drive, I'll beat him. I reluctantly said OK and we were off. We were racing across the old floating bridge with the bulge in the middle and as we sped across the bridge we were beating the Corvette and then it happened, my engine blew sky high and we came to a very embarrassing stop at the end of the bridge. Scott starting laughing and we got into it for a few minutes and then we were both laughing out loud. We knew we were bad and were beating that Corvette. Many stories to tell about my friend Scott and this was just one of them. What a great guy and what a wonderful person to have on your side. Scott will certainly be missed. My love to him and his family.

From a friend,
John Halpaus

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