Scott Douglas Schoeben
Army of the United States
Minneapolis, Minnesota
November 25, 1948 to April 12, 1969
SCOTT D SCHOEBEN is on the Wall at Panel W27, Line 67

Scott D Schoeben
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20 Mar 2005

Howdy Sarge. You were the best "shake and bake" NCO that I ever saw and everybody in our platoon concurs with that. Assuming command of the entire platoon on the night of 4/12/69 and leading the charge with only two APCs against an entrenched enemy position of unknown size was definitely "above and beyond" the call of duty. Although we won the battle, regretably, we lost both you and SP4 Michael Broderick Wier. They held a memorial service for you and "Bullwinkle" at Binh Phuoc. I can still vividly remember the two bayoneted rifles stuck in the ground with helmets on their butts, the two pairs of empty boots at their base, and the 21-gun salute in three volleys of seven. You will never be forgotten by your fellow "Panthers".

Jeff Northridge

16 Apr 2005

Of all the men in our platoon,
Jeff and I will always remember you and Wier,
and Never forget that night...


From a friend,
Tom Horrmann

29 May 2007

Scott Schoeben was my cousin. I do not recall ever getting to meet him. I was five years old when he died. I do recall my father, Scott's uncle, getting the phone call that Scott had been killed. I recall standing in the doorway of the living room, my father with his head in his hands sobbing. It is my only memory of the Vietnam War.

Marie Samsa

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