Vincent Anthony Scungio

United States Air Force
27 October 1934 - 28 May 1974
New Castle, Pennsylvania
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7TH AF F-105D 13TH TFS
Silver Star

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DFC (3 awards), Bronze Star (Merit), Purple Heart, Air Medal (multiple), National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Vincent A Scungio

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25 Dec 1998


Kim and Mary Clare Biery
his sister,
Annette Scungio Sheridan

Vince was the eldest and the apple of my parents' eyes ... he gave them much joy and four grandchildren. Our father, Frank J. Scungio, passed away November 23, 1991, and our mother, Rose Scungio, on June 1, 2000.


04 Nov 2006

On this, the FORTIETH anniversary of Vince's 'incident date' (the day his plane was shot down over North Vietnam), I am remembering and praying for my brother. I will probably never know his fate in this life, but my prayer is that I will reunite with him in the next.

I also pray that all men and women in uniform know how proud they make us civilians of them, that our POW/MIAs are NEVER forgotten, and that our country will NEVER let another soldier be abandoned by our government.

From his youngest sister (by NINETEEN years!),
Annette Scungio Sheridan

18 Nov 2004

Though I may never have known my Uncle Vince, I've seen the profound effect he had on all around him, especially his younger brother Frank Joseph Scungio III (my father). I can honestly say, as long as I live, I will never forget the ultimate sacrifice he made for his country and the brave man that he was.

From a niece,
Lauren Scungio

21 Apr 2005

My Father, Colonel Charles D. Sands, is Vince Scungio's Cousin. Vince's family and ours has endured his loss all these many years. We miss him and pray for discovery, honesty and closure.

From a cousin,
Mark D. Sands

17 Nov 2006

I don't know Vincent but I have an MIA/POW bracelet with his name. I have worn it since 1972. Vincent has been in my thoughts and prayers for years. I have found that I still think of him and his family. Just wanted his family and friends to know that he is still touching lives of strangers. Love, Sandy

Sandy Henry
E-mail address is not available.

14 Jan 2007

Vincent A. Scungio is my Father. I'm Vincent A. Scungio Jr.

Most of the story is true that is writen here. But the part about the shoot down is not factual. I searched for two years to find Mission Tapes with my Father in them. I found them by contacting the Wild Weasels and they put my request over the Weasel Net.

I received the tapes from an Honorary Weasel that works for Applied Technology Inc. and was deployed with the Weasels to Korat for technical support. Applied Technology this is the company that made the the radar equipment in the F-105F Wild Weasel.

I sent the Mission tapes to all of my family. I was looking for some one to clean up the mission tapes. My Uncle David had a friend with a computer that had the software.

On the Machete Flight 4 Nov 1966 tape you can hear then Major Brinkman talking to his wing man, and telling the D-Pilot that they had been hit on the right side of the aircraft, about thirty seconds later Bob Brinkman calls out again and says "OK I'm hit on the left now".

Shortly after that #2 (the wing man) calls Lead (#1) and tells him that he is on fire. Major Brinkman tells #2 he knows. Moments after that you can hear another pilot say there are missiles all around them, and then another pilot calls out that Machete Lead is down.

There was not any calls saying they took a missile Head On. Another person wrote in a book that he heard them scream as they were hit head on, this pilot wasn't even near this area and had a lot of other calls on his radio.

My Father, then Captain Vincent A. Scungio, was givin the rank of Major posthumously. Major Vincent A. Scungio, Wild Weasel #99, gave his life for country, honor, freedom and family.

I, Vincent A. Scungio Jr, Wild Weasel #2549 Will Never Forget the ultimate sacrifice my Father gave to his country, to freedom and to his family, and I honor all who have served this country when in need - past, present and future.

Freedom is not free! For those who fought for it freedom has a flavor the protected will never know! My family and I know first hand.

From his son,
Vincent A. Scungio Jr.
P. O. Box 145, Manton, Mi. 49663

27 Mar 2007

I had been wearing Vincent's MIA bracelet since about 1972 when two years ago during an emergecy surgery it was lost by the hospital staff. I was devastated and still feel half dressed without it.

Growing up, both my children, now 25 and 24, knew the meaning behind my bracelet and when we went to the Viet Nam Memorial they were so touched by seeing his name on the Wall. I was so surprised by my very strong reaction of tears after all these years. I still feel as though I lost a member of my family without ever having met you, dear Vincent.

I just want his family to know that so many people are still touched by his ultimate sacrifice. Bless you all.

E-mail address is not available.

Notes from The Virtual Wall

On 4 November 1966, Major Robert E. Brinckmann and Captain Vincent A. Scungio, both assigned to the 13th Tactical Fighter Squadron at Korat RTAFB, took off on a surface-to-air missile (SAM) suppression mission in support of a strike on the Kep Airfield north-northeast of Hanoi. The SAM suppressors, known as "Wild Weasels", flew specially equipped two-seat F-105F aircraft; Brinckmann and Scungio were in F-105F tail number 63-8273.

During the attack the Wild Weasels identified a SAM site about 3 miles NW of Kep and took it under attack. Brinckmann's aircraft was hit by an SA-2 missile and crashed near the target. No ejections were noted and there were neither emergency beepers nor voice contact with the downed crew. Brinckmann and Scungio were classed as Missing in Action and remained in that status until the Secretary of the Air Force approved Presumptive Findings of Death for the two men on 28 May 1974.

In 1989 the Vietnamese government turned over remains which were identified on 20 December 1989 as those of Colonel Robert Brinckmann. As of March 2007, Major Scungio's remains have not been repatriated.

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