Kenneth Arthur Shannon

First Lieutenant
Army of the United States
22 September 1938 - 15 March 1964
Lynchburg, Virginia
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Army Aviator

Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Kanneth A Shannon

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15 March 2001

Today, March 15, 2001, marks 37 years of you giving your life to what you believed and and loved doing ... serving in the military of the United States of America. I remember, your son ("D") and daughter (Laura) remember, and we have taught your grandchildren to remember you and all others that gave their lives fighting for this great country.

The war may have proved to be in error but your spirit for doing as you were assigned was right and just, we stand tall and proud of your commitment. You, and all names on this memorial "Wall", are our hero ...

We love you and honor you.

Ginger C. Shannon

15 March 2002

Thirty eight years and still remembering ... you remain forever loved, forever young, forever brave. We shall never forget you and your comrades that died for your country.


15 Mar 2004

March 15, 2004 ... forty years and still remembering. You will always be in the heart and soul of myself (Ginger), your son ("D"), your daughter (Laura), and their children (Ainsley, Colin, McKeely, Ian and Patrick). We remember you with love and honor and thank you for being brave, couragous and strong in serving our country when needed. Forty years and still loving you. Ginger

30 May 2004
Memorial Day

We (your family of Ginger, son "D", his wife Beth, children Ainsley (13), Colin (8), Mckeely (6) and baby Ian (2)) visited the Vietnam Wall to again share our respect and love for and to you. This was the first visit for your young grandson Ian and his Dad held him up to touch you name and put his beautiful little face against it (at which he promptly proceeded to lick it). Your grandchildren are being given the gift of respect and love for all fallen soldiers and you are their shining hero. We will always remember and love you.

Ginger Shannon Young

30 May 2005

May 30, 2005 ... today stands for remembering all fallen soldiers of our nation. I honor all but hold close the memory of you, LT Kenneth Arthur Shannon, for serving your country with honor and dignity. I, your son D, his wife Beth, children Ainsley, Colin, McKeely and Ian, your daughter Laura, her husband Henry McDaniel and son Patrick always have you in our hearts with much love. Remembering you forever,

your wife,
Ginger Shannon Young

22 Sep 2006

Kenneth, I always remember your birthday, September 22, 1938, by celebrating the anniversary of your birth. I thank God for letting you be born, letting you live and giving us the short time we had to spend loving and liking each other. I thank God for giving us two wonderful children I so wish you could have grown with. Your time was short but very productive and giving. I send you my love and remembrance on this September 22, 1966. Your forever love, Ginger

22 Sep 2007

My dear beloved Kenneth, today is the celebration of the day you were born (Sept. 22, 1938). I thank God for giving you time on earth for me to meet you, love you, marry you and have our two wonderful children (D and Laura) together. I dearly love all the grandbabies I now have ... thanks to the love we shared. I know you are with them as your namesake Kenneth Colin Shannon saw and talked to you when he was very small. What a delight and love he and all the others are - Ainsley (17), Patrick (14), Kenneth Colin (12), McKeely (10) and last but certainly not least our five year old Ian, who just happens to be the smartest Down's kid around!

Always know you are still very much loved, very much remembered and forever in my heart. Your Ginger

From your wife,
Ginger Shannon Young
17 Mar 2004

I heard about your heroics from your proud son "D". Thank you for fighting for our Country. When your Country called, you answered. You gave the ultimate sacrifice: your life. You are missed by people who knew and loved you, and your memory continues to live on. I salute you, Sir!

From a friend of your son,
George D. Butler


Notes from The Virtual Wall

On 15 March 1964, four men of the 114th Aviation Company died when their UH-1B HUEY (hull number 62-01963) was shot down:
  • CPT Roger Edward Gauvin, pilot
  • 1LT Kenneth Arthur Shannon, copilot
  • SP5 Carleton Webster Upton, crew chief
  • PFC Frank John Holguin, gunner

The 114th Air Mobile Company arrived at Vinh Long, South Vietnam, on 10 May 1963.

In 1964, it was redesignated as the 114th Aviation Company, a component of the 13th Aviation Battalion. In June 1966 it was redesignated 114th Assault Helicopter Company, 13th Avn Bn, 1st Avn Bde. In 1969 the 114th was reassigned to the 214th Avn Bn, 1st Avn Bde.

On 29 Feb 1972, after 3,217 days of combat operations, the 114th AHC departed Vinh Long.

During this time, the 114th received numerous unit awards:

Presidential Unit Citation
Valorous Unit Award (Two Awards)
Meritorious Unit Citation
Vietnamese Gallantry Cross with Palm (Four Awards)

1st Lt Kenneth A. Shannon
and the other men who died in service with the 114th AHC
are remembered on the
114th AHC Memorial

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Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
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