James John Shereck

Army of the United States
19 March 1939 - 04 March 1971
Bagley, Minnesota
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Army Aviator

DFC, Bronze Star, Air Medal, Army Commendation, Army Good Conduct, National Defense, WW2 Occupation, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
John J Shereck

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James J Shereck

You are missed every day.

Captain James John Shereck was born March 19, 1939, in Bagley, Minnesota. He had a wife, Susan, two daughters, Dawn and Christine, and a son, Anthony. He was survived by his mother, Mrs. Adeline Shereck, and four brothers, Ronald, John, Dennis, and Vernon.

He completed a four year enlistment in the Navy after high school and then enlisted in the Army. Toward the end of his enlistment he was accepted for the Army's Warrant Officer Pilot program, training at Fort Wolters in flight class 66-21 and at Fort Rucker in flight class 66-23 before receiving his wings on 14 February 1967. He was assigned to the 191st Assault Helicopter Company in Vietnam and completed a full tour of duty in 1967-68.

On his return from Vietnam, he received an officer's commission in the Army Reserve and underwent fixed-wing flight training at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, qualifying in the OV-1B Mohawk. He returned to Vietnam on 16 Sep 1970, assigned to the 131st Aviation Company at Phu Bai.

On 04 March 1971, while returning from a night reconnaissance mission, his aircraft suffered an engine failure. As the aircraft approached its base, the other engine failed. Captain Shereck remained in the aircraft until his technical observer had ejected, whereupon he ejected. His ejection seat malfunctioned and he fell to earth still strapped to the seat.

He is buried in the Silver Bay Cemetery, Silver Bay, Minnesota, on a wooded hillside overlooking Lake Superior.


Even though I never really knew you (being I was only five when you were killed), you have always meant the world to me. I remember you through photos and stories from the "Spuds", your old Mohawk crew. When you were killed a part of me died with you. There are so many names on the Wall. The war was such a waste of human life. Maybe all the names who made the sacrifice of life won't be forgotten. Maybe people will see this Wall and think this waste of life can't happen ever again. I think about you almost every day and I still cry. It's been 24 years since you were killed but I guess some scars never heal, you just learn to hide them.

Love, your only son


The Vietnam War has never ended. I still fight when I sleep.
Too many men fell in the jungles called "HELL". Their memories are planted deep.
The Vietnam War has never ended. Their memories stay alive.
Down at the VA, a man's in a chair, but his legs aren't there.
One man walks with a walker, another with a cane.
Still another shoots with a needle, escaping the Vietnam pain.
The Vietnam War has never ended, it will live til I die.
The war won't let me forget.
And even though I'm not a vet, at night when I sleep I still cry.

A letter and poem left at the
Traveling Wall, Bismarck, ND, June 4, 1995,
by Tony Shereck

14 Mar 2005

Captain Shereck,

In December of 2003, I was honored to meet with your brother, John James Shereck and his wife. We had a great visit and talked about you ... he misses you a lot.

Then, shortly before Christmas, I visited your mother, Adeline. I brought a bouquet of flowers and had a great 45 minute visit with her. One thing she said just stuck with me. She said "he was a good boy".

She remembered you as a "good boy" ... I remember you as a "good man" because you treated everyone around you with utmost respect.

From your crewchief and friend,
Wayne Pilon
1916 16th Street South, Moorhead, Mn 56560

16 Feb 2006

Outside Looking In
By Rena Shereck

I've gone through life
Broken and abused
Torn in two between what is right, and what is wrong
I have always been on the outside looking in

In my life, my tears have fallen
Shattered on the ground like an iced over heart.
Rejected by others who I've known so long
Only so I can be on the outside looking in.

Through my life, I have seen people within
Their hearts are cold
They like to see people in pain, so they can laugh
Have they ever been on the outside looking in?

Always looking in, from the rain and the cold
Always looking at the fun they have
Always caring when someone falls, even if it hurts me
I am always on the outside looking in.

They are warm when outside I am cold
Soaking wet from the pouring rain
Do they even see me?
When I am outside looking in

Do they see the pain I go through?
Do they see what they have done?
Are they, like the bat, blind as night?
Do they see me looking in?

I am on the outside looking in
I have been on the outside looking in?
Unless change in this world happens
Many will be on the outside looking in.

I did not know you because I wasn't born at the time. But this poem made me think of all those who serve in our history. My name is Rena Shereck, I am the daughter of Tim Shereck and Grandaughter to Wilmer Shereck. I hope this will stand for something to everyone sometime. I am thankful for your cause and wish you could be here with us. I do not know much about my family because I live with my mom and not my dad (which is the Shereck side of me) but I want everyone who is related to Captain Shereck to know that you are in my prayers always.

From a cousin (I think),

Captain James J Shereck
is remembered by his comrades from the
191st Assault Helicopter Company
and the
131st Aviation Company

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