Peter Elmer Sipp

Lance Corporal, United States Marine Corps


From Greenwich, Connecticut

24 April 1947 - 10 May 1969

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Peter Elmer Sipp is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Panel 25W Line 042 .

25 Jul 2007

I was the Senior Corpsman of the Company Peter and I were with. After only being in-country for a short time, one night in a outpost bunker when I didn't get any mail, Peter, not knowing anything about me, asked if I wanted to read his hometown newspaper. Very quickly I realized the paper was from an area not far from my home town. The conversation that followed led to a very close relationship.

Approximately 6 months later, while Peter was distributing leftover chow to some village kids outside our gate, a little kid handed over an unexploded RPG that he had found. In the process it dropped, killing Peter and two little kids.

After returning home and going to the movies with a friend, I leaned over and asked who the star was. I was told he was the new heart-throb; this person being Robert Redford and looking like an identical twin to Peter. Peter also had the personality to match.

From a friend,
Herb Eschbach
Amenia, New York

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