Stanley Kutz Smiley

United States Navy
31 January 1939 - 20 July 1969
Sidney, Nebraska
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Naval Aviator

Purple Heart, Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Stanley K Smiley

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23 Jan 2002

You Are Not Forgotten

From a friend and shipmate,
John Mudgett ADCS(AW) Ret
1665 Cassell St. Virginia Beach, Va 23454-5651
26 Aug 2004

I visited Washington DC in 2001, to bury my grandmother at Arlington. We went to the Lincoln Memorial and there was a guy selling remembrance bracelets for those that were MIA in Vietnam. I chose Stanley Smiley's. I couldn't find any info on him other than the sheet they gave me, back then, so I am really glad to see this website. I cannot begin to fathom what it must have been like, the least we can do is remember him and give thanks for his sacrifice. Thank you!

From one who wears his MIA bracelet.
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26 Apr 2005

The U.S. Naval Academy Class of 1963 honors Stan Smiley and the other twelve fallen classmates on the Wall at its website . Please visit "Last Call".

From a friend and classmate at USNA,
Stephen Coester
USNA63 Webmaster

25 Aug 2005

I can't explain the appreciation that I have in my heart for all of the people who made the ultimate sacrifice for everyone in their country. Everyone needs to remember that we are free because of people like Lt. Stanley K. Smiley.

From one who has his MIA bracelet,
Melissa Gow

02 Mar 2007

I will again cross the country for Stanley K. Smiley on RFTW May 14-25 2007.
I hope that some day he will come home and his family will have closure.
Stanley, thank you for your service, I honor you.

Carol L. Condit

10 Jun 2007

My brother went to the Wall in 1990 and brought me back Stanley's bracelet. I have worn it since then for 17 years, NEVER taking it off.

I had tried to find any information on his family to see if they would want me to send them the bracelet or continue to wear it. If any one has any information from his family or their wishes, I would love to hear from you. I will check this site regularly.

Thank you,
Greg Cusick

01 Nov 2007

Thank you for this site. I was an Aviation Structual Mechanic with VA-23 based on the ORISKANY 1969. Lt Smiley was one of the best officers I ever met. It was an honor to serve with him, and again he and all the others WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. I wear the POW/MIA in the form of a tatto on my arm for them.

From a shipmate,
Jack Krause
USN 1968-1972
VA 23 Black Knights

Notes from The Virtual Wall

On the afternoon of 20 July 1969 LT Stanley K. Smiley launched as the flight lead of a two-aircraft A-4 SKYHAWK flight on a road reconnaissance mission over Laos.

While returning from their initial mission, and while still over Saravane Province, Laos, LT Smiley sighted a truck and told his wingman that he was going to confirm whether it was rolling stock or a hulk. As the wingman prepared to follow his flight leader in an attack, he saw LT Smiley's aircraft in a shallow dive about 60 degrees off the planned attack heading. The aircraft crashed. The wingman reported that Smiley did not report any malfunction and that the flight did not receive any anti-aircraft fire during the mission. The aircraft did not burn or explode upon impact with the ground.

Airborne search and rescue operations were unsuccessful; there was no sign that LT Smiley had ejected from his aircraft. A ground search was not feasible due to enemy forces in the area. LT Smiley was declared Killed in Action/Body Not Recovered.

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