Don Eugene Stockton, Jr
First Lieutenant
Army of the United States
Sherwood, Oregon
September 17, 1945 to December 15, 1969
DON E STOCKTON Jr is on the Wall at Panel W15, Line 60

Don E Stockton
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15 Aug 2005

The web site "In the Shadow of the Blade" tells the story of aircraft 206 in a segment filmed in Killeen, Texas (LZ KILLEEN). "Corky" Rose was honored along with the other four crewmembers who died with him when their UH-1H (206) crashed 15 Dec 1969. This segment of the documentary film "In the Shadow of the Blade" deals with a family being shown that their loved one did not die alone and has not been forgotten.

From one who served with him in the 176th AHC,
Larry Shatto


A Note from The Virtual Wall

On the night of 15 December 1969 the 176th Assault Helicopter Company was called upon to fly a night flare mission. The Company Operations Officer recalls the circumstances:
"Rose and Keeler were going home the next day. I was operations officer and they came to say goodby to me. When the call came in for a flare mission, they said "one more". They physically threw the crew chief off and went up with Stockton, Hyden and Barritt."
- Steve Kerchenfaut -

While flying under a 200 foot cloud ceiling the aircraft inadvertently went into instrument flight conditions - and crashed before the crew could regain visual conditions. Five men were killed in the crash of UH-1H tail number 68-16206:

Some sources indicate that Warrant Officer Hyden was the Aircraft Commander (pilot in command) and 1LT Stockton was copilot, but the casualty database indicates the reverse - and The Virtual Wall has followed the official record.

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