Gordon Wayne Stoflet

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
18 October 1946 - 29 June 1967
Madison, Wisconsin
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Gordon W Stoflet

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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17 Aug 2001

We still miss your presence after all these years...

I was 15, but so close to him, it devastated me when he was wounded .. coming from a family of 8 children it was impossible for all of us to make the trip to Bethesda, Maryland, when he was shipped home. I was the rebel of the family and I decided if my parents couldn't take me I'd just hitchhike there ... which I did, along with a girlfriend. I was able to see Gordy, hold his hand, and tell him how much we all loved him and how we would all be together again when he got well.

Sadly that was not to be and
we'll just have to wait for another place in time...

From his sister,
Margie Shafer

March 29, 2003

Morning, dear brother..

It's a glorious morning here in Florida, hard to imagine that 7000 miles away young men and women, young, innocent, men and women are dying and giving of their lives in the same way you sacrificed yours so many years ago in Vietnam ... in our hearts it seems like only yesterday the Marines came to the door to tell us you had been wounded, and then they came the day you died. I'm sitting here thinking of the families whose lives will be forever changed when they hear they news about their sons and daughters.

Moms and Dads will never be the same, brothers and sisters will forever wonder what their big brother or sister would have been like had they lived past the age of 20, like you Gordy ... I'd give anything if we could turn back time and have the outcome be different, as will these recent families of casualities of war.

I'm just writing this morning to remind you that you're still deeply loved and missed, as will many more families be doing in the times to come.

Say hello to Dad for us, we love you both.


03 Apr 2003

Dear Gordy,

Boy, it's been a long time since I started a letter out this way but I still think about you just about every day. I wonder what your life would be like, who you would have married and what your children would be like. So unfair that you never had a chance to even begin life before you were taken away from us. And now with this new war it makes us stop and think even more. Such a different war than what you had to fight in.

I think all in all you would be proud of all your brothers and sisters. There have been some bad times for all of us but there has been more good. Margie and I both came very close to joining you and Dad last year but I guess GOD had other plans for us, so we will just have to wait until he is ready.

Say hi to Dad for me, I miss him more and more but I'm glad you two have each other until the rest of us join you.

I love you Gordy, your sister


10 Dec 2006

Hello Gordy,

It's been a long time since I've written but just had to let you know how much I have been thinking about you lately, listening to your tapes, reading and rereading the letter received from one of the guys in your platoon. Finally after so many years we have the answer what happened to you that day, what a blessing and Godsend to have our questions answered. Allan Hunger will never know how deeply we appreciate his going back to that fateful day and telling us the story.

All of your brothers and sisters are doing well, but I'm sure you know that, and since we all have children of our own we realize the devastation Dad and Mom felt when they lost you.

As a surprise for Christmas this year, I'm having a DVD made that includes the tapes you sent, your pictures, the letter we received informing us of what happened to you that day, as well as any momentos I have of you.. So you see Gordy, you have never been forgotten but are thought of more than you could ever know.. Love, Linda

From his sister,
Linda McCormick

8 Jul 2004

To My Uncle Gordon
by Jake Stoflet
(son of Gordon's brother, John)

I never knew you, Gordy,
Though at times I wish I had.
All I know is from the stories
That I hear from my dad.
I hope you know, wherever you are
They all loved you so much.
And they still do and they always will
'Til again you�re all in touch.

Sometimes it seems unfair to me,
How you were made go to war.
But on you went without a word,
Your courage I implore.
You see, you are a hero to me,
Although we�ve never met.
Not only because you died in war,
But because you went without regret.

And so, dear uncle, I pray of you,
To help me when I get scared.
Because if I am, I know it�ll help
To know that you�re right there.
When I think of the memories we could have shared
Sometimes it makes me sad.
I never knew you, Gordy,
Though at times I wish I had.

In Loving Memory of Gordon W. Stoflet.
Gordy died in June of 1967 of wounds received in Vietnam.

From his brother,
John Stoflet
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20 Dec 2006

Dear Gordy,

I still think about you every single day after all of these years, especially at this time of year with Christmas only a few days away. I wish you could have been here to see your nieces and nephews grow up. We talk about you often and they all know how much we loved and miss you.

I know you are with Dad and Denny and I'm sure you're keeping each other company. We will see you again some day.

Love, Your Sister,

12 Jan 2007

Dear Gordy, I still miss you so much after all these years and think about you every single day. I just wish you could have been here to see your neices and nephews grow up. They have all turned out to be very wonderful adults and we still talk about you often so they in a way feel like they knew you. Denny and Dad are there with you now and I'm sure you keep each other company. I love you and miss you every day.

From his sister,
Sandy Schmelzkopf
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