Mikal James Sullivan

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
14 January 1949 - 06 June 1968
West De Pere, Wisconsin
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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28 Sep 2002

Mikal and Christine Sullivan

Mikal Sullivan holding his daughter, Christine.

Photo courtesy of Sharon Bilda, 28 Sep 2002

15 Nov 2001

Mikal, I saw David Vanden Heuvel's memorial posted by his niece and couldn't get one posted for you fast enough! Both of you West De Pere heros need to be memorialized. I pray you are at peace and are understanding more about life and war than you did back in '68.

I understand your daughter recently married and that when she signed the hotel guest book for her honeymoon she saw that an M. Sullivan had also signed it. Guess you were there, as she so wanted you to be.

Take care schoolmate. I think of you often - you are not forgotten. We'll be in touch.

Judith Singer (nee Eisch)

It's Memorial Day 2002, Mikal.
And I will remember you as I place flags on the graves of other fallen soldiers.
But know - I think about you often.

16 Sep 2002

Mikal, it's David's birthday today.
You guys have a good time celebrating together up there.


A memorial initiated by a friend,
Judith (Eisch) Singer
2228 N. 115th Street, Milw., Wi. 53226
15 Nov 2001
Sept. 30, 2002


I visited the Moving Wall this past weekend, looked you up once again. Told my friend a story about the A Troop. (Pretty funny, Mike) Your daughter Christine got this and other pictures together for me so we could get your handsome face posted on this memorial. This is a birthday present to her ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTINE. My prayers are with you for your peace and journey Mikal. You, along with too many others were taken so early. Those of us here are still learning and trying to understand. I am so sorry you didn't come home and can only hope you found home where you are...

Shari Bilda (Nee: Eisch)

05 May 2006

Another year, another Memorial Day...

You, Mikal, are deeply missed - never forgotten. Peace, my young friend.

Shari Eisch

08 Apr 2003

Mike, I just stumbled on this page and want you to know that you are still thought of by our family. Growing up our families shared many memories as neighbors. My son, Nick, carries the middle name of Mikal because of you. You gave up so much for your country and now young men and women are again paying the highest price in another war. My oldest son is flying missions over Iraq now, please watch over him.

Kris Luebke Parmentier

17 Aug 2003

my brother I never knew. How unfair you were taken so soon.

We think of you often ... I think you live on in Christine. You would be very proud of the woman she has turned out to be, she was my best friend when we were little, more like my sister than niece.

I've been told you spoiled me as a baby before you left - thank you. I still have the pajamas you sent from Vietnam. I took my daughters to the Wall in D.C. and showed them your name - they've heard many stories about you from their grandparents and uncles. Take care of Phil for us, I know you were waiting for him.


Cassie Sullivan Skenandore
841 South 105th Street, West Allis, WI

14 Apr 2004

Mikal, I will always remember the many good times we spent together.
At times it still is hard to believe how short our time
was. You will always be remembered.

As you know, your daughter is so special and someone you can be so
proud of.

Your Brother, Pat

From his brother,
Patrick Sullivan

07 Apr 2007

Mikal, although we never met, I am proud to carry your name with honor. I found out about the web site and I had to visit and express how special it is for me to be named after you. My father was in the service at the same time as you and he of course named me after you and I will never forget that. Thank you and God bless you and your family!!!

From a friend,
Mikal J Fadroski
324 Hillview Court, Luxemburg, Wi. 54217

A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 06 June 1968 the 2nd platoon of Echo 2/26 Marines was ambushed while on a security sweep to the southeast of Con Thien. Jim Kaylor's account of the battle was published in the Khe Sanh Veterans Association Inc. newsletter, Issue 50, Summer 2001.

The Virtual Wall has identified the following Marines who died in the battle:

  • SSgt Allen J. Baker, Houston, TX
  • Cpl Forrest J. Flyte, Pen Argyl, PA
  • Cpl Kenneth W. Schauble, Closter, NJ
  • Cpl Lonnie Sheppard, Newark, NJ
  • LCPL Terrance A. Picciano, Baraga, MI, H&S Co with Echo Co (Silver Star)
  • LCpl Daniel L. Prock, Gridley, CA
  • LCpl Mikal J. Sullivan, West De Pere, WI
  • Pfc William R. Campbell, Butler, PA
  • Pfc William E. Hale, Columbus, IN
  • Pfc William A. Hayes, Chicago, IL (Silver Star)
  • Pfc Dennis L. Lobbezoo, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Pfc Walter L. Seawright, Philadelphia, PA
  • Pfc Peter M. Shepherd, Portland, OR

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
Memorial first published on 15 Nov 2001
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