Thomas L Terry

Sergeant First Class
Army of the United States
28 November 1928 - 04 July 1967
Ansted, West Virginia
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Combat Infantry

Bronze Star, Army Good Conduct, WW2 Occupation, National Defense, Korean Service, Vietnam Service, ROK Service, RVN Campaign medals


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9 Dec 2001

I'm trying to determine the actual unit he served in ... I only have his last letter and his grave marker which says

SFC Thomas L. Terry
C&C Det 5
Special Forces Group
1928 - July 4 1967

His tour began on January 9, 1967; he died in a helicopter crash. I am his niece and I am looking for information on him. I keep searching everywhere but come up empty handed. If anyone can help I would be so happy as I am spending every hour I can in my search.

Thank you,
Annette Terry Homberger

11 Aug 2007

I left this message at The Moving Wall:


To Mr. Edward Thatcher (who is alive and well),

It has been 40 years now since you lost your good friends, one which was my uncle. I want to thank you for serving this great country of ours.

Here at the foot of this Wall, I'm leaving you this pack of Newport cigarettes so consider Terry's loan to you paid in full. Who would have known it would be me, after 40 years, that would pay that debt back to you. So you have a lovely day, Pastor Edward Thatcher, and thank you.

Freedom isn't free.
Annette H

From his niece,
Annette Terry Homberger

SFC Terry is on the far left in this photo.

Thomas Terry, left; Edward Thatcher, right

03 Aug 2007

In 13 years with Special Forces, I encountered several Terry's, and do not know if Tom was one of them.

I was with Forward Operating Base 1 from April 1967 to May 1968. During this time my Surveillance Team, NEW JERSEY, was TDY to FOB2 (CCC) Dec 67 through Jan 68.

After a short time at home I became bored with garrison life, as many did, and made the phone call to get back to Nam. This time I was assigned to FOB2 which had become CCC. I reported in some time in November 1968 and returned home in November 1969.

With these two tours and the short trip to FOB2 over New Years 68 I would have been there during the time frame of Tom's tour. I have viewed the data on The Virtual Wall, and will say that on some events of our warfare, we used the Vietnamese Air Force for our transportation. These valiant VNAF pilots flew the "King Bee" CH-34 helicopters.

It is most likely that he was on one of these flights, especially since there was only two Americans listed. It is also possible that he may have been on a "VR" (visual reconnaissance). Not all air flights that did not return were listed as hostile fire, because of the proximity of our areas of operation.

Going through our "Who's Who from MACVSOG" and "Who's Who in the SFA/SOA" I could find no listing of Thomas L. Terry in either publication. If you have some documentation please submit it in order to bring the records up to date.

Jim Ringland

Notes from The Virtual Wall

SFC Marlin J. Goodhue and SFC Thomas L. Terry were the US Special Forces NCOs assigned to Surveillance Team "New York". The team was inserted into Laos on 01 July 1967 and withdrawn on 03 July, returning to the launch base in South Vietnam via South Vietnamese Air Force CH-34 helicopters. After a brief stay at the launch base the team proceeded toward Kontum City, still in RVAF CH-34s. While enroute two of the helos collided and crashed. Goodhue, Terry, and six Vietnamese were killed in one of the helos, while the remaining team members and crewmen in the second helo survived with injuries.

The survivors were picked up and the bodies of the dead recovered on 04 July 1967 by UH-1 aircraft from the 170th Assault Helicopter Company.

Prior to his assignment with MACV-SOG SFC Terry had been assigned to Alpha Company, 1st Bn, 35th Infantry.

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With all respect
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