Robert Brian Thomson

United States Marine Corps
28 June 1947 - 16 February 1968
Colorado Springs, CO
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Silver Star

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Robert B Thomson

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On February 16, 1968, the Third Force Recon Team Box Score engaged the enemy Southeast of Con Thien. During the initial engagement, one Marine was wounded and the team received a significant amount of incoming, mortars and enemy fire. RB volunteered to recon the area and discovered one enemy soldier concealed in the foliage. While waiting for an extraction, the team came under intense fire and RB continued to place accurate suppressive fire on suspected enemy mortar emplacements and quickly silenced the weapons. As a result of his effective fire, the enemy quickly attempted to locate him and he continued to lay down fire, with no regard for his own safety. As the first Medevac attempted to land, RB continued suppressive fire and was mortally wounded. He was awarded the Silver Star for heroism under fire. He was a true Marine and a great person.

A memorial initiated by the Box Score Team Corpsman,
Stephen Thompson
322 Old Quarry Rd North, Larkspur, Ca 94939
29 Sep 2002

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Corporal Robert B. Thomson
United States Marine Corps

For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action while serving as a Grenadier with Third Force Reconnaissance Company, Third Reconnaissance Battalion, Third Marine Division (Reinforced), in connection with operations against the enemy in the Republic of Vietnam. On 16 February 1968, Corporal Thomson was a member of a reconnaissance patrol which ambushed seven North Vietnamese Army soldiers southeast of Con Thien. During the ambush, Corporal Thomson's accurate grenade launcher fire quickly silenced the enemy's return fire. When one of the Marines was wounded, as he attempted to search the ambush site, Corporal Thomson volunteered to reconnoiter the area and killed one enemy soldier concealed in the foliage. While waiting for an extraction helicopter, his unit came under small arms and mortar fire and was pinned down. Delivering effective suppressive fire on a suspected enemy mortar emplacement, he quickly silenced the weapon. As a result of the effectiveness of his fire, the North Vietnamese concentrated their fire on his position. With complete disregard for his own safety, he fearlessly stood up and continued to deliver a heavy volume of fire until he was mortally wounded. His steadfast determination and selfless concern for the welfare of his fellow Marines inspired all who observed him and were instrumental in the subsequent safe extraction of his patrol. By his courage, aggressive fighting spirit, and unwavering devotion to duty, Corporal Thomson upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life for his country.

For The President

L.F. Chapman
Commandant of the Marine Corps

The Box Score Patrol

The events surrounding the Box Score patrol's engagement and the efforts to extract the team are a glowing example of Marine heroism under fire and were recognized as such at the time. Five of eight Box Score Team members, four aircrewmen from VMO-6, and one infantryman from Bravo 1/4 Marines died on 16 February 1968 and a number of others were wounded. The actions of the men involved in the engagement were recognized by one Medal of Honor, three Navy Crosses, five Silver Stars, and two Bronze Stars.

The Virtual Wall takes pride in honoring the Americans who died in the Box Score engagement, and through them the men who survived. Details of the engagement are published on the

Box Score Memorial Page

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