Dominic Ungaro, Jr

Private First Class
Army of the United States
28 May 1945 - 25 June 1968
Ocoee, Florida
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Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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17 Mar 2007

I was Dom's platoon medic in Vietnam - and a friend.

Gary "Doc" Rutledge

03 Jul 2007

My Battalion, 2/47th Infantry, was on a search and destroy mission in a patch of jungle in the middle of a rice paddy. My company, Bravo, was on one side and Alpha Company was on the other side. We started taking fire from the enemy between our 2 companies. Alpha Co.'s fire was also coming our way. When we were able to, after about 2-3 hours, we pulled back and called in artillery.

After a while we started going back in. My Company Senior Aidman, Doc Phillip Rogers, told me to go with Headquarters Platoon. He said that my platoon would be okay.

Some of the guys from my platoon saw me and followed me. We crossed a river onto some ground, then started to cross the river again. I got across and the man behind me got across and everyone in front of the column stopped. The guys from my platoon who were following me were still on the other side of the river.

We heard someone yell, "There goes one", then some shots. Everyone hit the ground. I saw Doc Rogers coming up beside me. Then someone yelled "Medic". I started to run for the river, but Doc Rogers told me to wait until the area was secure. We heard "Medic" again and we both took off. I got stuck in mud and had to be pulled back out. Doc Rogers made it across. He yelled to me and asked if I had a Field Surgical Kit. I told him I did and I'd bring it right there. He told me to stay where I was and to toss me my kit.

I tossed him my kit and a few seconds later we heard another burst of fire. Someone yelled "Medic" again. I started crossing the river but was stopped by Wooten, who used to be in my platoon. He was standing in the river blocking my way. He told me I wasn't going across. When I told him I was, he pointed his weapon at me and said, "Doc, before I let Charlie kill you, I'll shoot you myself."

After a few minutes someone, I don't know who the guy was, brought a body out and laid it down beside me. It was Don Ungaro. Don always took good care of his weapon, the M-79 grenade launcher. According to witnesses, when Don dropped to the ground, he gently laid down his 79 before he fell over. I will never forget Don, or Doc Rogers, they are and forever will be, my heroes.

Gary "Doc" Rutledge
Medic, 3rd Platoon, Jan.-Sept.'68
Bravo Co.,2/47th Inf.
9th Inf Div., Vietnam

19 Jul 2007

Donnie was from my school in Ocoee and married my friend Margaret. Our community suffered a great loss when Donnie died. He was a Lieutenant in the fire department as well as the police auxillary. He will always be remembered and always missed. I honor him as a true American hero.

A friend from high school,
Bonnie Strosnider Dalton

A Note from The Virtual Wall

According to the MACV Monthly Summary for June 1968, on 24-25 June 1968 elements of the 9th Infantry Division engaged VC forces on the north bank of the Vam Co Tay River some 5 or 6 miles northeast of Tan An. Fifteen soldiers were killed in a number of individual engagements:
  • C Co, 2nd Bn, 39th Infantry
    • SSG Richard Simmons, Charleston, SC
    • SP4 Ivy G. Childress, Dyersburg, TN

  • A Co, 2nd Bn, 47th Infantry
    • SFC Roberto Braghini, Radcliff, KY
    • SP4 Terry H. Brooks, Mathews, VA
    • SP4 Dennis E. Thompson, Pittsburg, CA
    • PFC Phillip M. Weddington, Valley Station, KY

  • HHC, 2nd Bn, 47th Infantry
  • B Co, 4th Bn, 47th Infantry
    • CPL Mack W. Williams, Apache, OK

  • D Trp, 3rd Sqdn, 5th Cavalry (Aircrew, OH-6A 66-17770)
    • WO James B. Tasker, Troy, OH (Dist Svc Cross)
    • SP4 Daniel R. Brophy, Oceanside, CA (Dist Svc Cross)

  • C Co, 2nd Bn, 60th Infantry
    • SGT Charles J. Huzicko, Struthers, OH

  • C Co, 5th Bn, 60th Infantry
    • SGT Ernest W. Garrett, Hiawassee, GA
    • SGT John A. Lafferty, New York, NY
    • CPL Charles C. Pedrick, Alameda, CA

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his platoon medic in Vietnam,
Gary "Doc" Rutledge

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
Memorial first published on 17 Mar 2007
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