Reggie Lee Vance

Private First Class
United States Marine Corps
11 April 1949 - 22 February 1968
Dayton, Ohio
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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12 Dec 2004

Reggie and I were high school friends. I used to shoot basketball at his house. He was really enthused about going to Vietnam and doing his part. Reggie was a quiet, well liked person in high school. Like all the 58,000 he gave it all.

Ronald Schall

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The seige of Khe Sanh was well in place by February 1968, with resupply limited to aircraft, predominantly by Air Force C-123s and USAF/USMC C-130s. While a number of the resupply aircraft had been hit by enemy fire, the first loss occurred on 10 Feb 1968 when a USMC KC-130F (BuNo 149813) was heavily hit by .51 caliber antiaircraft fire while on approach to the runway. In addition to eleven aircrew and passengers, the aircraft was laden with rubber fuel bladders containing JP-4 fuel for the Khe Sanh helicopter fleet. The .51 caliber fire shot out the #3 engine and ruptured one of the bladders. The crew managed to get the aircraft on the ground, but the fuel leaking from the ruptured bladder ignited and the aircraft burst into flames. The pilot and copilot were able to escape the burning aircaft through the cockpit windows, but only one of the men in the fuselage survived. Five died in the crash itself, and three later died of injuries received:
  • Aircrewmen, VMGR-152:
    • MSgt John D'Adamo, North Arlington, NJ
    • LCpl David R. Devik, Bellevue, WA
    • LCpl Jerry W. Ferren, St Louis, MO (DOI 03/01/1968)

  • Passengers:
    • Col Carl E. Peterson, Kenwaunee, WI, H&HS-1, 1ST MAW
    • SSgt George W. Walbridge, Huntsville, AL, H&HS-1, 1ST MAW
    • SSgt William L. Brown, De Land, FL, H&HS-1, 1ST MAW
    • 1stLt John K. Woods, Western Springs, IL, H&S 1/26 Marines (DOI 02/11/1968)
    • Pfc Reggie L. Vance, Dayton, OH, Alpha 1/26 Marines (DOI 02/22/1968)

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