Antonio Velasquez

Private First Class
United States Marine Corps
21 April 1948 - 24 March 1967
Santa Maria, CA
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Antonio Velasquez

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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18 Oct 2003

Hey big brother! it's me, your baby brother David. I was only four years old when you left for Vietnam. I am 40 now, and I'm still waiting for you to come home! I know that the body that was sent to us in 1967 could not have been you! I know this because you were full of life! I can still remember your smile and how you used to hold me when I was a child. We'll see each other soon! I love and miss you deeply. It's also been 14 years since mom left, I miss her too! We have so much to talk about ... until then, sleep with the angels, my beloved brother! SEMPER FI


Your little brother


03 Feb 2004

Hi there big bro!, its just me David your lil brother. I miss you lots!, and I wanted to tell you that you are my inspiration and my idol! Your death was not in vain but there will always be that pain... I am surviving, and doing things in life as if you and mom were watching me. I'll be 41 this year!, damn we all getting old!, but I love you bro!, words will never ever describe the way I feel, I wish you could talk to the rest of the family, they could really use that... until we see each other again... sleep with the angels... Semper Fi, Marine, Semper Fi!!!

Your Lil brother that loves and misses you deeply...


24 Mar 2004

Hey big bro, 37 years have gone by ... 37 years of tears. I had a very close call a few weeks ago, why I survived I'll never know. I'm looking forward to seeing you again, in happiness not sadness, rest in peace bro!!! Semper Fi!!!


Notes from The Virtual Wall

Charlie 1/4 Marines lost six men killed in action on 24 March 1967:
  • 2LT Richard H. Housh, Kansas City, MO
  • CPL John H. Armstrong, San Diego, CA
  • CPL Samuel B. Hubbard, Red House, VA
  • PFC Robert Alvarez, Clint, TX
  • PFC Edward J. Conway, Fenton, MI
  • PFC Antonio Velasquez, Santa Maria, CA
While the casualty database carries Antonio Velasquez as a Private First Class, his family advises that he was promoted to Lance Corporal.

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