Carlos Dyral Vibbert
Specialist Four
Army of the United States
Louisville, Kentucky
April 26, 1946 to September 07, 1968
CARLOS D VIBBERT is on the Wall at Panel W45, Line 64

Carlos D Vibbert
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"I am emailing you a picture of my Uncle Carlos D Vibbert to post, Please."

-- James Vibbert, 09/09/2012

On 7 September at 1520 hours (3:20 pm), C Company, 3rd Battalion, while conducting Eagle Flight Operations, was inserted into a "Hot" landing zone at grid coordinates XT 560 266. The initial platoon of C Company was immediately reinforced with the remainder of C Company, B & D Companies, and the Reconnaissance Platoon as the contact rapidly increased and the enemy force was estimated as a battalion with numerous mortars, automatic and crew-served weapons and Rocket Propelled Grenades.

The 3rd Battalion was supported by artillery, tactical air, light fire teams, and "Spooky" (Gunship). The enemy broke contact at 0030 hours, 8 September, but the Brigade artillery and Tactical Air support continued to pound the contact area and all avenues of withdrawal.

A search of the contact area, into which 8520 artllery rounds and 17 airstrikes had been directed, revealed 38 enemey killed and 2 prisoners. There were 12 US personnel killed and 20 wounded. The eight men who were identified as killed at the same location in this incident are:

SP4 David Justus Bulkley, Chilton, Wisconsin
CPL William Otto Lang, New Holstein, Wisconsin
CPL Frederick William Mc Hugh, Bangor, Maine
SGT Edward Earl Pea, Ground Cane, Louisiana
1LT Terry Austin Ruth, Anderson, Indiana
CPL Grover Lynn Suit, Rockmart, Georgia
1LT Theodore A Thompson, Boston, Massachusetts
SP4 Carlos Dyral Vibbert, Louisville, Kentucky

-- The Virtual Wall

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