James Larry Walden

United States Marine Corps
06 March 1947 - 06 February 1970
Opa Locka, Florida
Panel 14W Line 109


James Larry Walden

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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27 Jun 2001

I knew and dated "Larry" and his twin brother in High School. I wound up marrying his brother Garry. Larry has a namesake in my son Jake Larry Walden. Though they never had the opportunity to meet each other, we have always felt Larry is with us. We miss him and love him very much.

As could be expected, Garry never recovered from the loss of his twin. He has married and divorced twice, and has limited contact with his three children.

There are more casualties of that damn war than the names listed on this wall.

If you knew Larry or Garry I'd like to hear from you.
God Bless.

Carol Walden-Hatcher
E-mail address is not available.

14 Jan 2002

My name is Beverly J. Walden. Today's date is January 14, 2002. I have just become aware of this page and virtual site. I am the only sister of James Larry Walden. I will share with you that when I pulled this site up, I was emotionally frozen. I literally jumped up and ran around a bit to decide if I could move the mouse to continue on. But I am back.

Thank you, Carol. You had more courage than most of us. Thank you for keeping Larry's memory alive. Isn't it odd that after more than thirty years a venue of virtual reality exists where postings like this of Larry and the many others can be placed? Little could they have known. The real irony is that for those that did return home, too many Americans shunned our veterans. Made their already existing wounds so much deeper. For so many soldiers -- and especially my surviving bother, Jack Garry Walden -- the wounds sustained when "they came home" were enough to take away what little there was left after witnessing the atrocities they endured. Atrocities they witnessed and burdens they bore in the name of patriotism. For freedom. Your freedom.

Every time you see a name on an etching from "The Wall," or a virtual face such as Larry's, remember that so many faces stood and still stand behind them. During the VietNam Conflict, we all died a little. Our country died a bit, also.

Thirty years later, I am old enough to understand the politics of war - man's war. There is no rhyme, no reason. The simple fact is, our men -- and now our women -- go. They believe. They are willing to give. Their families accept that they, too, may have to give. These times we are all living in since September 11, 2001 have opened many eyes. Though some 'old timers' -- especially Viet Nam Vets -- are not surprised at the terrorism. Casualities are now beginning to arrive home from the Afganistan conflict. The President "assures us there will be more." Not very heartwarming words. But keep this in mind along the way. When a soldier -- any soldier -- is killed in action and does come home, take your hand and put it over your heart. Salute. Say a quiet prayer. Whisper, "thank you." Do something. Even if it's to stop for a moment and do nothing. Forget the politics. All the other insignificant crap. For one moment, recognize that one solitatry human being in one moment of light, gave their life for your freedom. And pray for their loved ones.

Larry, I should say I miss you, but the fact is, your short life gave so much to me that I breathe your essence every day. For all that I may or may not be today is due to the vision you had of what I could be and you hoped for. I will be eternally grateful that you gave me the inspiration to grow, and to "be" before I could spell inspiration. Walking my life path, often a dark journey, there was always light at the end of the tunnel. So many times I have taken the hand you continue to reach out to me even today.

To you, my beloved brother, I say, "Sail on silver bird... it was your time to go." I loved you so. I often wonder if in the space you are now, that you have an awareness of how many lives you touched your short time on earth? But then, of course, I know you do. That's why it was your time.

If there is any soldier who was fortunate enough to have met or known Larry, I would love to know who you are. Whomever you may be, you would have to be 'the best' because I have so many wonderful and zanny pictures that Larry sent home of his friends. Mostly on the USS INTREPID. Larry cherished his friends and carried on incessantly about each one!

Larry, you were one extraordinary human being. I continue to "keep the faith." I think you'd like the way your "sassy" sister turned out!!

Beverly J. Walden
407 Buchanan Ave, Cape Canaveral, Fl. 32920

8 Jun 2004

A Tribute to Larry Walden

I remember you not so much as face or a name,
but as a feeling, that part of your soul, you left in my heart.
This is where you are going, this place that only the brave have been,
a place where you know what it means to love your friends.

If I knew that you were not to return, I would have held you in my arms,
to save you from your fate, to protect you from harm.
But you would never have allowed someone else to take your destiny's call,
to honor, duty, country you always gave your all.

Leading men into darkness, down some forgotten trail,
you knew that one was to fall, and some you did tell.
You gave your life for that unknown soldier,
who would have stood there, where you fell.

Names are lost to history and faces to the grave,
feeling we take with us, beyond the faces and the names.
Thoughts tell us were we are going, feelings tell us where we have been,
love tells us where we are, this love for one another, this love for our friends.

You may have owed a debt that you were bound to pay,
the law that sees that all books are balanced, all compensation met.
That you gave your last devotion for freedom, country and cause,
and to that unknown soldier, known only unto God.

I know that you live now in that place known only to them,
that have no greater love than to lay down their life for their friends.
A place of joy and beauty, a place of peace´┐Ż to know,
that place you have earned, is the love in God's own soul.

We served together in Vietnam,
Cpl. Billy M. Butenhoff
Charley 1/7 1st MarDiv
USMC (RVN) 1969-1970
1516 S W 86, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73159

09 May 2005

My Uncle is the man in the image above our words... He looks to the viewer, the photographer, his family he will see little more of?

His shared life with his twin ended abruptly in their readily chosen duty-driven path. I know my father misses him immensely as does all the family he touched, the blood and the Corps. We all lost something as he parted.

I wish to extend heartfelt love and over-whelming gratitude to my Uncle James Larry Walden... I didn't feel your flesh, but I know your Love.

From his nephew,
Jake Larry Walden
E-mail address is not available.

18 May 2005

Garry and Larry were my third cousins twice removed. We never got to meet but I always wanted them to know that even though my children didn't know them either I have a memorial of Garry and Larry in my kitchen where we sit to pray before every meal. It is tragic what happened but it was the will of our Lord.

From a cousin,
Jaqueline Ursinny

23 Dec 2006

To the man I can carry in my heart each and every day.

From his niece,
Ragan Lee Romine
Melbourne, Florida

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