Kenneth Marion Walls, Jr

Specialist Four
Army of the United States
14 May 1951 - 14 May 1970
Georgetown, Illinois
Panel 10W Line 044

OH-6 Loach

Army Aircrew

Purple Heart, Air Medal, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign
Kenneth M Walls

The database page for Kenneth Marion Walls, Jr

24 Jul 2002

"To live in the hearts we leave behind,
is never to have died."
(Thomas Campbell, circa 1888)

From his half-sister,
Rosita S. Sutton
29 May 2004

Kenny was a friend of mine. He was actually a friend of my twin brothers who spent a lot of time at our home shortly before he went to the service.

He went into the service basically to find adventure as much as anything as I recall, I hope he enjoyed the adventure while it lasted.

I have a very poignant reminder of Kenny that my mother saved. We used to have a big chunk of modeling clay setting in our kitchen and people would sit and make something out of it, then someone else would come along and do something different. Sometimes they would be short-lived, sometimes they would be around a while. The night before Kenny left for the Army he made a peace sign out of the clay. My mother for whatever reason put it away, I think she intended to keep it till Kenny came back to the house, well unfortunately he never did, but I still have the peace sign.

This past week my wife and daughter were in Washington,DC for my daughter's eighth grade trip. While they were there I had them get a rubbing of Kenny's name from the wall, and I put it away with the peace sign.

Often I think of Kenny and wonder what might have been had he not gone looking for that adventure.

Those of you reading this take note of the fact that Kenny died on his nineteenth birthday after a very short time in country.

Never forget!

From a friend,
Randall Thornton

The Mission

Three men of A Troop, 1/9 Cav, died when their OH-6A (tail number 67-16199) was shot down.
"Robert Everest was flying low bird for Ken Mills (Apache 27) on a recon north of Katum. We were looking for a Huey crew that had crashed or been shot down - we had located the aircraft but not the crew. Everest came under heavy fire from several RPD's/AK's using API rounds. Everest called taking fire and there was a small inflight explosion. The aircraft then nosed into the bamboo and exploded on impact. I witnessed the whole thing and tried to evac the crew but took too many hits."

Glen Senkowski
From the VHPA archives

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