John Grady Wilkes
Staff Sergeant
Army of the United States
Nashville, Tennessee
May 29, 1946 to February 21, 1970
JOHN G WILKES is on the Wall at Panel W13, Line 42

John G Wilkes
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25 Mar 2003

I have not had the opportunity to say this before now, or a medium to say it, but I loved my father very much. The older I get the more I understand the sacrifice and reasons he made it for this country. Yes, I lost my father, but the world gained another person that has paid the ultimate price for our freedoms. I respect that and admire him for doing what needed to be done. I wish I could have spent some time with him, and he with me, but that was not what needed to be done.

Daddy I love you and will see you again some day, I am not so selfish that I regret the time we did not have together, I know the time we will spend together will far outweigh our physical lives.

Love always
Your Son
Leslie Grady Wilkes

15 May 2005

My name is Amanda Jeanette Clouse. I am John Grady Wilkes's niece. I never got to meet him and have only seen him in pictures. He was a brave and inspirational man who fought for our country. One day we will get the chance to see him. Every day that passes is just another day closer to seeing him in heaven. One day we will all reunite as one. We will be one big happy family!

Love always and forever,
Amanda Clouse!

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