Edward Arlo Willing

Gunnery Sergeant
United States Marine Corps
28 August 1949 - 20 November 1978
Wilmington, Delaware
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Edward A Willing

Purple Heart (2 awards), National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

The database page for Edward Arlo Willing
01 January 2002

HQ Battery 2-13 sent a search squad to look for LCpl Willing in early August. He was seen being taken prisoner wounded, from a tower two miles away, while walking back to base along the road.

22 Jul 2004

We are looking for the Delta 2-13 Corpsman. We have reason to believe that Willing saw the Corpsman on the day he was captured.

Willing transferred as a replacement from Lima 4-11 on 5/16/68, when eleven members of Delta 2-13 were killed or captured at Ngok Tavak 5/10/68. The eleven are still MIA.

For those confused by his rank - he was a Lance Corporal E3 when captured but was promoted up to Gunnery Sgt E7 while Missing In Action.

We have hope he will be found. Hero, Son, Brother, Marine Lance Corporal Edward Arlo Willing, 2533 Radioman for a Artillery Forward Observation team.

Semper Fi, Mac

From a member of the HQ Battery 2-13 Search Team,
Joe (Snuffy) Jackson
Loudonville, NY (Albany)
17 Jul 2004

Another year has gone and still we have not forgotten.
We wear your memory
as we do the bracelet that holds your name,
and we will continue to remember till you are home.
We will not let you be forgotten.

28 Aug 2004

Happy Birthday Eddie.
We carry you in our hearts, you are always remembered.

20 Jul 2005

Another year has gone by and still you are not home.
Our hearts whispers your name and we will never forget.


27 Aug 2005

Happy Birthday, Eddie.
There is never a day that you are not thought of.
You will never be forgotten.


21 Jul 2006

Another year has gone and we still wait for your return home.
We continue to remember you. We will not let you be forgotten.


28 Aug 2006

Happy Birthday, Ed.

21 Jul 2007

We still wait for your return home.
We have not forgotten.

Debby Tobin
29 Aug 2004

Edward, I wear your bracelet with great pride and honor.
My son and I pray for you and your family often. We will
not forget you, or those you represent. Thank you!

Rick Skinner

09 Jan 2006

Edward, here it is, this January 9th, 2006, and we still have not forgotten. My sons still remember you in their prayers and I think of you and your family often. I can't help but get choked up for what you gave up to protect me and my family. You are a hero to me, and though I never knew you, I will always look up to you for your sacrifices. You and your family will stay in my prayers until you come home to us again.

With great pride,
Rick Skinner

Rick Skinner
24 May 2005

Here it is another year gone by and my prayers for you to be home where you belong have not been answered. You will never be forgotten, not by me nor by the United Stated Marine Corps.

Semper Fi, Devildog
Chesty Puller would be proud

Les Heishman
"Once A Marine, Always A Marine"

02 Jun 2005

Dear Ed, One day we'll meet again.
We miss you.
When I play my guitar I sing your songs.
I love you.

Your baby sister

From his sister,
Nancy V. Willing
5 Francis Circle, Newark, De 19711

27 May 2007

Eddy, I posted a link on my blog to this memorial site for you so more people from Delaware can visit.

sister Nancy

From his sister,
Nancy Willing
22 Jul 2005

I had proudly worn Edward's bracelet for a year... and I am so depressed because I went to fishing camp and lost it! I still have deep faith in Edward's return and I am now wearing another bracelet with the name of Steven Heitman. Now I can have faith in two returns!


Amber Cayton

29 May 2006

On this Memorial Day, I was so honored to find this website. I wore Sgt. Willing's MIA bracelet for several years, never knowing anything about him or his family (no computers in those days). I always wondered if he had been found. Yesterday I put the bracelet on once again, along with my red, white and blue to wear to church, and was happy to respond to questions about the bracelet. I truly pray that Edward Willing rests in peace, and God bless his family.

Becky Sindora

07 Nov 2006

Today I was reminded of POW/MIA Bracelets, and the one I wore ... of Edward A. Willing. I grew up in Wilmington, Delaware. Absolutely incredible to find this web page, and to see his picture for the first time. How handsome. How young. Still remembered.

Meg Watson

26 Dec 2007

To the family of Edward A. Willing, he is not forgotten. I wear his POW/MIA bracelet every day. We hope that he will come home soon!

April Nuttall
Locust Grove, Ga

01 Feb 2008

Dear Edward,

My name is Susie Wisneski. I was just a little kid, 7 years old, the day that you disappeared ... my birthday was just the day before. Thank you for that birthday and for all the others I have had. I joined the Marines in 1980 and received the rank of Lance Corporal, my job was 3531 (Motor Transport). You and other fallen Marines gave me the chance to be a Marine and serve my country as you have.

I was out one day enjoying the freedom that you have helped me to have and I saw an Army-Navy store. There was a basket on the counter with bracelets and I found yours. I hope and pray that one day you should return home, not in a bag or a box but on your own two feet and when you come home I should like to be there to shake your hand and welcome you home, brother Marine. I want to look into your eyes and say thank you.

Semper Fi,
L/Cpl Susan M. Wisneski
3rd Marine Division

04 Mar 2008

Gunny, I have worn your bracelet with pride since 1991, the year I joined the Navy and was assigned to 1st Marine Division.

You have been with me now for 16 years, 12 years of marriage, one beautiful daughter and seven promotions.

You have looked out for me, kept me alive and I swear to God I feel your spirit with me at my worst times. Thank you for your service, your sacrifice, your honor. I will continue to keep you with me.

Bill Smith
Chief Petty Officer, United States Navy
E-mail address is not available.

A Note from The Virtual Wall

From the POWNet.org site:

On July 21, 1968, LCPL Edward A. Willing left the Marine base near Da Nang to return to duty at his observation post at Tu Cau bridge on Highway 1 in Quang Nam Province, South Vietnam.

Soon after Willing left the gate, shots were heard in the vicinity and a perimeter guard saw a man in black pajamas running toward a treeline with a rifle. A group of children were dragging something that possibly was a body.

During the next several days searches were made of the area. Villagers were questioned and a reward was offered, but no information was ever obtained.

Willing had been in Vietnam nine months, having first been assigned to an artillery company as a radio operator shortly after his arrival. He had been in the Marine Corps since November 1966.

Since there existed the possibility that Willing might have been captured, he was listed as Missing in Action. Although the Vietnamese probably could account for him, they have denied any knowledge of Edward A. Willing.

On 20 November 1978 the Secretary of the Navy approved a Presumptive Finding of Death for Edward Willing. He was promoted to the rank of Gunnery Sergeant during the period he was maintained missing.

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