Norman Raymond Wilson

Private First Class
Army of the United States
22 February 1940 - 15 June 1966
Seattle, Washington
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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23 Jan 2006

PFC Norman Wilson was a career soldier with six years of active duty before assignment to Vietnam. He was a wireman whose tour of duty started on April 5, 1966. PFC Wilson was assigned to C Battery as a commo guy. C Battery operated out of fire support bases in III Corps early in 1966, a time when troop strength was building up Saigon's defense.

Men in commo assignments also served as fill-in personnel with the gun crews during fire missions. These were the most dangerous moments for men like PFC Wilson. If the land line communication wires were severed by incoming mortar or rocket fire, the commo guys would leave the safety of crew bunkers with spools of commo wire to re-establish telephone contact between the guns and the fire direction center.

Four months into his tour PFC Wilson died of multiple fragmentation wounds during a mortar and rocket strike on C Battery's fire support base. Although exact details cannot be specified, it can be assumed that PFC Wilson acted like the commo guys under fire we are acquainted with from our time in the Red Dragon Clan. Without thought about personal safety, PFC Wilson died trying to re-establish a communications link between the guns and the fire direction center. Unless firing direct fire at an observed target, the guns needed deflection, elevation, and powder charge information obtained from the fire direction center to engage the enemy. PFC Wilson knew this, and to keep C Battery functioning at a critical moment, died for the effort.

PFC Norman Wilson is a credit to the commo men assigned to the gun batteries. Army Artillery was tasked with "Move. Shoot. Communicate." PFC Wilson knew his responsibility was to maintain communications even under life-threatening circumstances. His was a vital role in the mission of the firing battery.

Rest in Peace, PFC Wilson. The Red Dragon Clan honors, respects, and remembers you.

From a unit veteran,
William E. Novakovic
513 Woodland Avenue, Oakmont, Pa. 15139

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