Billy Lee Wright

Private First Class
Army of the United States
21 March 1948 - 01 February 1968
Stanton, Tennessee
Panel 36E Line 063


Combat Medic

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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10 Jun 2004

Billy Wright was my uncle and, unfortunately, I was never able to meet him. He was killed during the Tet offensive before I was born. However, I have heard stories my whole life about what a wonderful, caring person he was. Coming from a military family, I can say with certainty that his sacrifice is not taken for granted.

From his niece,
Jennifer Cordero

30 Nov 2005

My name is Nancy (Wright) Beard. I am the older of Billy's two younger sisters. There have not been many brothers who were 8 years older than their sisters who really paid much attention to them. He was different.

I remember being in the hospital with either a bad stomach virus or having my tonsils taken out, I don't remember which. He came 20 miles (a long trip back then) to visit with me and brought me a present, a baby doll. I named her Judy, and kept her until after I was married. I never knew what happened to her.

Every now and then, I'll have a dream about him. They are all very similar. Every time, I will be hugging him really tight and telling him that, "I always knew you were still alive!" I've even dreamed that I would be telling him that "they" tried to tell me I was dreaming, or I would tell him that, "I thought I was dreaming when I saw you, but, you really are here!".

Then I awaken and realize that it really was a dream. The most important and the only thing that NEVER changes about the dreams is what a wonderful, happy, reunion it always is. There never, ever, could be any doubt there...

He was not only a special brother, He was a very special person. I've never heard of a bad word being spoken against him. He was killed trying to help a fallen comrade. I've just recently learned that he had been nick-named "Doc Wright" by his fellow soldiers. We were proud of him then, and are still very proud of him now!

From his sister,
Nancy (Wright) Beard

A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 01 Feb 1968 two men from Headquarters Company, 1/12 Infantry, were killed in action while in the field with Delta Company. They were SP4 Darrel A. Shellie of Detroit, Michigan, and PFC Billy L. Wright.

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