Michael Lee Wright

Army of the United States
11 February 1950 - 14 June 1970
Tacoma, Washington
Panel 09W Line 055

Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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13 Jun 2002

On June 14, 1970 I was wounded, and when they told me that you didn't make it I think part of me died too. I'll always cherish our friendship, and the camaraderie we shared while we served together. You are not forgotten. WE REMEMBER...

Your friend,
Thomas J. Johnson, Jr.

21 July 2002

Remembered by a comrade-in-arms,
Ray Caples

24 Sep 2004

Michael and I went through Advanced Infantry Training, NCO Academy and Jump School together. I took the top bunk and he had the bottom bunk. Michael was a real character. Never had a bad day. We both wanted an assignment with an Airborne Unit. Neither one of us prevailed. I lost contact with him in Tacoma in 1969. I reported to Tacoma in June of 1969. It was about 0200 hours and I was looking at the bulletin board to see when I was going to ship out. I saw another pair of boots on the other side of the bulletin board. Yes, it was Michael looking at his deployment time and date. Talked for a long time. We wanted to go to Vietnam under the buddy system. We decided we would speak with the commander in the morning and make the final arrangement. We were going to meet at the chow hall at 0700. The next day I learned that he shipped out. I did not get a chance to say good bye or good luck. Sometimes I wonder if we had gone together if things might have turned out differently. We were good friends and we both knew what it would take to survive.

I didn't know what happened to Michael. It took me almost 15 years to track him down. One day when I was detailed to DC I decided to visit the Vietnam Memorial. I was so disappointed and heart broken to learn that he had died several days short of completing his tour. I wish Michael was here today so I could tell him I how much I admired him and miss him. He was truly a hero in my eyes.

I have photos of him that I think his family should have.

From a friend,
Alec Rodriguez
845 River Rush Dr, Sugar Hill Ga 30518

04 Jun 2005

Hi Mickey,

I just wanted you to know that you are still with us all these years later. Charlie Company still thinks of you and hold your sacrifice in the highest esteem, Brother. I miss you, Mickey, and cried today thinking of your last breath in my arms.

God Bless you, Mickey,

Larry "Doc" Stanberry
~ Semper Paratus ~

27 May 2006

Micky, you've been a part of my life because of your older brother Patrick Fitch. LOL, Carol

From his sister-in-law,
Carol V. Wright

01 Aug 2006


I will always remember you as a hero.

From a fellow platoon member,
Danny Long

28 May 2007

It's been 37 years, brother, and my heart still aches. On this Memorial Day I cried for the life you didn't get to live. You will live in my memory until I finally join with you again. The time we shared was way too brief. I have been blessed by having known you.

From a friend and his brother in arms,
Keith A. Forry

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