Thomas Franklin Young

United States Marine Corps
18 September 1946 - 03 February 1968
Hot Springs, Arkansas
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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24 Oct 2007


by his niece,
Lauren Mayo

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The Viet Cong infiltrated a great many troops (and their arms) into Hue City before the 1968 Tet Offensive. These troops were able to capture several key points within the city itself and to establish defensive positions, in effect isolating and besieging the uncaptured ARVN and US strongpoints. The VC intent was to immediately reinforce the infiltrators with regular units, thereby capturing the entire city before the allies could respond. The strategy failed because the ARVN and US immediately cordoned off Hue, preventing reinforcements from entering the city. None the less, the VC held the area around the Imperial Citadel for some days before the Marines were able to recapture it.

One of the VC objectives was the US MACV Headquarters compound. Although the MACV compound itelf held out until relieved, the adjacent, but much smaller, compound which held the US Armed Forces Network station was captured by the VC on 03 Feb. Two men are known to have been killed in the AFN compound, while three others were captured there by the VC. The five men were

  • 15th Admin Co, 1st Cav Div
    • SP5 Steven J. Stroub, Austin, MN, killed in action

  • MACV Advisory Team 3
    • Sgt Thomas F. Young, USMC, Hot Springs, AR, killed in action

  • Armed Forces Network Vietnam
    • SFC John T. Anderson, Niagara Falls, NY (POW; repatriated 03/05/1973)
    • SFC Donat J. Gouin, Fort Knox, KY (POW; repatriated 03/05/1973)
    • SGT Harry L. Ettmueller, Pleasantville, NJ (POW; repatriated 03/05/1973)
According to Robert Morecook, Sergeant Ettmueller stated
"Stroub was executed in the street, and in the presence of Sgt. Ettmueller after both had been captured."
A sixth man in the AFN compound when it fell, SP5 John Bagwell of the 1st Cav Div, avoided capture, was taken in and hidden by local Catholic priests, and survived the experience.

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