Alexander C Zsigo, Jr

Specialist Four
Army of the United States
19 December 1945 - 22 June 1967
Durand, Michigan
Panel 22E Line 052


Combat Infantry



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Alexander C. Zsigo       Alexander C. Zsigo

27 Jan 2004

I never knew Alex as I was too young when all this was going on but our families were friends and neighbors. I do know that I am proud and thankful for everyone who served and especially for those who gave all. Everyday when I get up I realize how much we owe these boys and all who went before them or have gone since.


From a neighbor,
Brian Edward Chapman

23 Feb 2004

How many times did you knock me over tossing them bales of hay?

I was only 15 or so but I still remember you, buddy! Five years later it was my turn to go. I thought a lot about you, Lamonte Horsley, Reid Bannister, and Walt Hutchinson while in the "Nam". I still do, BROTHERS!!!

From a neighbor and childhood friend,
Laverne Luchenbill

From The Virtual Wall

The other men named in Mr. Luchenbill's addendum are
  • Sergeant Russell Reid Bannister, 630th Eng Co, KIA 29 Aug 1967
  • Corporal Lamonte V. Horsley, H&S Co, 2/1 Marines, KIA 09 May 1968
  • Sergeant Walter E. Hutchinson, B Co, 1/26th Infantry, KIA 04 Sep 1969
02 Feb 2005

We owned a farm next to Alex's farm. I use to go through the corn fields cultivating the corn with a 4 row cultivator and this was hooked to a John Deere. Alex would be over in the next field and wave at me. He sure would make that tractor move.

In June of 1967, I was in the yard with my father and brother (RVN Cobra Helicopter Combat Pilot) working on farm equipment when my grandfather drove up and told us about Alex being killed. He said the whole company had been wiped out.

I had just returned from Detroit previous to this news. I had returned from getting my physical at the induction center. So the news about Alex was not good. I was drafted and went into the U.S. Army on August 23, 1967. My Republic of Vietnam service was from May 1968 to May 1969. I was a unwilling participant in the 2nd Battle of Saigon. Our plane was unable to land at Bien Hoa due to combat conditions. When we did land we were under heavy fire.

The whole Vietnam experience was a tragedy for all. I hope we do not do this again.

John C. Brunger, M. S. Ed.
70% Disabled Republic of Vietnam Combat Veteran
Life Member, DAV
Life Member, VFW
809 Gettysburg, Bedford, Texas 76022

A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 22/23 June 1967, three platoons of A Company, 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry, were effectively wiped out in a meeting engagement with a battalion of North Vietnamese Army regulars. Seventy-four men from A Company died, 43 of them previously wounded men who were executed by close-range gunshots to the head during the night of 22/23 June. SP4 Alexander Zsigo was one of the men who died in the fighting which became known as

the Battle of the Slopes

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Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
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