Dennis James Zwirchitz
Private First Class
United States Marine Corps
Abbotsford, Wisconsin
July 04, 1947 to March 16, 1968
DENNIS J ZWIRCHITZ is on the Wall at Panel 45E, Line 7

Combat Action Ribbon
Dennis J Zwirchitz
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22 Nov 2006

Dennis, you lived up to the highest traditions of the Marine Corps for bravery that fateful day when you earned the Silver Star in defending the lives of your fellow Marines in an ambush during a daylight patrol north of the Cua Viet River. Semper Fi, my brother.


From a friend and fellow Marine,
Lee S. Aitken
9970 N. Black Mesa Trail, Tucson, Arizona 85742


A Note from The Virtual Wall

16 March 1968:
     Hotel Company made heavy contact while successfully extracting an eight man recon patrol which earlier made contact with a large enemy force at YD 261659, the fortified village of Vinh Quan Ha. 21 enemy were killed while friendly losses were 3 KIA (BNR) and 9 WIAE. The bodies were recovered on 18 March 1968.

From the 2/4 Marines' Command Chronology, March 1968

The three men who died while rescuing their fellow Marines were

  • 2nd Plt, A Co, 5th Tank Bn (BLT 2/4's attached tank platoon):
  • H Co, 2nd Bn, 4th Marines:

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