Privacy Policy on The Virtual Wall ®

When you submit a personal remembrance to be published on The Virtual Wall, you must provide a valid email address. A check box allows you to tell us to not put your email address on the memorial page. If you request privacy, we may forward relevant email to you without revealing your email address to the other person. Each such email note will be read by a person on the staff of Ltd. so we will not forward advertising, spam, or other unwanted email notes.
You may choose to also tell us your name, relationship to the casualty, mailing address, and telephone number and whether we should publish each piece of information on the memorial page or not.
The private information will allow us to contact you in case you change your email address. Such infomation has helped us connect many long-lost friends and relatives. Ltd. will not sell, trade, or reveal any person's private information. We will not sell, trade, or convey lists of information or identity of web site visitors or those who have published remembrances on The Virtual Wall. We will never ask for any form of financial information.