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Many people leave photographs at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC. So, too, photographs on personal memorial pages on The Virtual Wall can help express the personality and the face behind each name on The Wall. Photos may be of the person named on The Wall at any age and may include family or friends. There is no fee and we do not accept donations for publishing remembrances or photos.

We do not yet have photographs of all Vietnam War casualties. During the Vietnam War era the Department of Defense did not keep photographs of all persons in the military. The photographs you see on this web site were sent to us by friends and relatives of the fallen.

At this time we can accept and add photographs and medals to memorial pages but we can't add text remembrances. We are rebuilding our software and converting all original-format memorial pages to the new format with menus like this page.

By sending one or more photos, you request and grant us permission to publish them on www.VirtualWall.org The staff who work on The Virtual Wall retain the right to be selective about the photographs we add to The Virtual Wall. We desire to have the pictures on a memorial page tell a story. We may use or decline to use any and all photographs you send to us. The Virtual Wall is a publication, and like other publications, the publisher determines the content.

In regards to copyright law, you still own the copyright on photographs you send to us. However, since you have published the photograph(s), they become "public domain" meaning that other persons might copy the photograph under "fair use" copyright laws. There are no technical mechanisms that we could do to prevent copying.

Red, white & blue rule

Sending the photo by email:

This is the safest way to ensure that priceless original photos don't get lost in the mail.

If you or a friend own an image scanner, scan the image to create a file. Alternatively, take the original(s) to a department store, grocery store, or drug store that has a modern photographic counter. For under $10 they can scan the images and give you a floppy disk or CD with digital copies of the images. Also, many of those stores have walk-up kiosks where you can do the scanning yourself or ask for help. The person at the store may be able to email the photo(s) directly to us (see below). You may wish to print this page to take with you.

Please scan pictures with the scanner set to 300 dots per inch or higher. Please save the image as a .jpg or .jpeg file or PNG, TIF, or BMP (in that order). If you are using a Macintosh computer, please put the correct file extension on the file (jpg, png, etc). If your scanner software allows you to only embed the image in a PDF or DOC document, we can accept those. If the image is a little too dark or the color isn't quite right, we can fix that. We can also crop off unwanted portions of an image.

Send the image file as an email "attachment" (usually a paper clip icon). Please send only one image file per email note and please don't send more than four until you've received a reply from us. Ensure that your email note tells us the name of the person(s) in the photo.

Please also write some text or copy-and-paste some text into the body of the email note; Many email systems will interpret an email note that has an attachment but no text in the body as spam or a virus and will delete the email note before it reaches its destination. One sentence should be enough. The text you send will not be added to the memorial page.

If the memorial page honoring the person in the picture has been converted to the new format (with menus as in the picture below) please use the link named "Add a Photograph" on the "This Memorial Page" menu at the top of his memorial page. Using that link will help ensure the email note properly identifies the person and the photograph reaches the right volunteer. Viewing the memorial page just before sending us a photograph can help ensure you don't send us a photograph that is already posted.


If the casualty's memorial page does not have menus as shown above, please click on the appropriate link below to send a photo. Please include in the SUBJECT Line of the email note the full name of the person(s) in photo you are sending. As described above, please also include some text. For other issues, please see Contact Us

Casualty last names A - K:     Click here to send email to Lauri Middleton
  or write to Lauri at Photos2b@VirtualWall.org

Casualty last names L - Z:     Click here to send email to Kate Haberstroh
  or write to Kate at Photos6b@VirtualWall.org

If you don't want to send the file by email, you may send the floppy disk or CD to us through the U.S. Postal Service (address below). Make sure you copy the image files to another media or to your hard disk first, as media sometimes get damaged during mailing. If you want the media back, send a self addressed stamped envelope. However, floppies and CD's now cost less than the postage.

Red, white & blue rule

Sending the original photo through the U.S. Postal Service:

We discourage sending the original photo to us because of the risk of loss or damage during mailing, but we will accept them if you wish. Please send the photo to our volunteer listed below, who will scan the photo to get it to our organization and posted on The Virtual Wall. Sending by certified mail or registered mail sometimes causes an additional delay of several days. If you want the photo returned, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope. Be sure to include your email address and the name of the person(s) in the photo(s).

(Photographs, CD's, DVD's, or floppy disks)

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