Roger Dean Adams

Lance Corporal
United States Marine Corps
19 March 1946 - 02 July 1967
Ashland, Ohio
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Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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29 Dec 2005

Rog, I was 5 years younger and you dated my sister. That didn't keep you from letting me drive that old red Ford Falcon when I was only 15. You also attended my Pony League baseball games which allowed you to give the family reports on only the good plays. Not many days go by that I don't think of you and the impact you had on my life. You didn't have to spend the time with me but you did and I appreciate it. I remember the early morning phone call from you in May of 1967. All you could say was how much you loved my sister and missed all of us. Then July 2nd of that year we lost you.

Thanks for your service and thanks for your friendship, Rog.
Your friend,
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At 10 AM on 2 July 1967, Bravo Company 1/9 Marines were on patrol about 1-1/2 miles northeast of Con Thien when they made contact with what they thought was a small, well-entrenched enemy unit. Alpha 1/9, also on patrol nearby, came to help, and the two understrength companies found themselves in a meat grinder - the small enemy force turned out to be 5 NVA battalions that had crossed the DMZ. Even worse, the NVA troops were supported by artillery firing from within and north of the DMZ.

The 3rd Battalion, 9th Marines, was inserted by helicopter on the enemy's left flank and the massive weight of U. S. air and artillery support began taking its toll of the NVA. By evening the NVA had broken contact, withdrawing into the DMZ.

By that time Bravo 1/9 had been destroyed as a fighting force - and Alpha 1/9 was little better off. The initial action grew into a week-long pitched battle involving two Battalion Landing Teams, one each from USS TRIPOLI and USS OKINAWA.

Overall, 92 Marines and sailors died on the first day of the battle:

  • 1st Bn, 9th Marines
    • A Company: 13
    • B Company: 58
    • C Company: 1
    • D Company: 1
    • H&S Company: 15

  • D Btry, 2/12 Marines: 2 (Forward Observers)
  • VMFA-542: 2 (F-4B BuNo 151421 shot down)
With one exception the 15 men from H&S Company were radiomen, Corpsmen, and mortarmen assigned to the rifle companies. That exception was Captain W. O. Keniepp, who was inserted to replace the Bravo 1/9 Commanding Officer after he was severely wounded. The 15 men from H&S were
  • Capt Warren O. Keneipp, Oak Lawn, IL
  • HM2 Christopher J. Maguire, San Diego, CA
  • HM2 Alex L. Quiroga, San Jose, CA
  • Cpl Thomas M. Thompson, Norfolk, VA
  • Cpl Frank Davila, New York, NY
  • HM3 Michael R. Dotson, Lansing, MI
  • LCpl Roger D. Adams, Ashland, OH
  • HN Philip H. Converse, Dallas, TX
  • HN Hector Fuentes, Riverside, CA
  • LCpl Stephen J. Honnold, Kansas City, MO
  • HN Edward R. Lozano, Youngstown, OH
  • HN Stephen A. Menshek, Minneapolis, MN
  • LCpl Terry L. Quigley, Columbia, SC
  • HN Jonathan A. Sawyer, Boothbay Harbor, ME
  • Pfc Terri L. Hines, Richmond, IN

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29 Dec 2005

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