Millard Ray Anderson

Specialist Four, United States Army

Wooster, Ohio

November 15, 1950 to May 24, 1969

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Millard R Anderson is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, panel 24W line 92.

Millard's parents have never been to the Wall in Washington and when I was there last week, a man asked me to take a rubbing of his name for Millard's
parents who have never been able to go to the Wall. The man had been Millard's neighbor and still lives next door to his parents. I gave him the rubbing and can't get Millard out of my mind. I though that maybe his parents could see him on the virtual wall if they ever visit the site. I thought that would be nice for them.

He is on West panel 24 line 92 in Washington.

I'm a student at Columbia writing my senior thesis on the idea of a site of memory and the Wall as a place of collective remembering. I found the Virtual Wall site and think that it is interesting in my study of place. Thanks for your help and for all that you do. It really seems to be a wonderful thing.


Jen Hensley

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