Orrie Julius Buskey

Private First Class
Army of the United States
07 June 1946 - 08 August 1966
Champlain, New York
Panel 09E Line 111

CIB, 2nd Award

Bronze Star, Purple Heart (2), Good Conduct, National Defense, AF Expeditionary, Vietnam Service, and RVN Campaign medals

Army Parachutist
Orrie J Buskey

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1 Apr 2004


I am a soldier serving proudly
for our great country -- and for you
I am a soldier -- and I am proud
to do what I must do.

I am a soldier serving proudly
I stand straight -- and I stand tall
ready to defend my country
I heard and I answered the call.

I am a soldier serving proudly
so that others might be free
to speak, to learn, to love, to laugh
I do my job proudly -- on their behalf.

I am a soldier serving proudly
away from family and friends
and I pray to God as I lay my head
that I will see them all again.

I am a fallen soldier
the enemy was too strong
I was in harm's way -- and I am sorry
but I won't be coming home.

I was a soldier serving proudly
but the price of freedom is not free
I have fought -- but lost the battle
you would do the same for me.

For those of you who loved me
I thank you for your love
and always remember -- that as much as you loved me
I loved you back just as much.

Grieve for me -- but go on
I know that it will be hard
but know in your hearts I am with you
and I'm your soldier serving proudly

with God.

- Judy Rathbone Roberts -

We miss you, Orrie ...
You are in our hearts and in our prayers always.

I wanted tell you one more time how much I love you ... and how so very proud of you I am. You were always there for me when we were growing up ... You being the oldest brother you looked out for the rest of us ... You were our hero way back then ... sure hope you knew that.

I kept your letters you wrote to me from Nam ... I am keeping that promise to you ... each time I see a soldier I send them my utmost respect and admiration. I tell them how you told me that you were all brothers and how they would be there for me ... You know ... you are right, big brother ... Each soldier I talk to tells me how they honor and respect you ... That "you" are what they mean when they say "Freedom doesn't come free". There is a unspoken bond between me and the soldiers I talk to ... If the world could feel this there would be no wars, no fighting.

Many times I feel you are still here ... It may be in the form of my son's smile ... or a song that we use to sing to ... I feel you all around me at times ... You were a great inspiration for me ... I know you would be proud of me ... I know it was your love and faith in me that showed me that I could do anything I set my mind to. I miss you, Orrie ... as the years passed by ... Dad came to join you. Now the day before 9/11 Mom came to be with you too ... Someday we will meet again ... until then I will keep you in my prayers and in my heart brother.

In Remembrance

If tears could build a stairway
And memories were a lane
We would walk right up to heaven
And bring you back again

No farewell words were spoken
No time to say goodbye
You were gone before we knew it
And only God knows why

Our hearts still ache in sadness
And secret tears still flow
What it meant to lose you
No one can ever know
- Cynthia J. Mackenzie

A memorial from his sister,
Elizabeth Buskey

28 Jan 2006

Well, my bro, it's been over 30 years now and I have not forgotten you for here I sit writing this down so you will know, bro, I have not forgotten you even if didn't know you. In my heart you will always be, along with all the rest on this Wall. I think soon I will be there with you and I will shake your hand as I come.

May God Keep You Always

From just a vet,
Gary Gilcher

A Note from The Virtual Wall

On 01 August 1966 units of the 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry, were inserted into the Ia Drang Valley for a search-and-destroy operation named PAUL REVERE II. Although ample evidence of the enemy's presence was found during the first week, 1/7 Cav had little contact with enemy forces.

That changed shortly after noon on 08 August when "A" Company made contact with a large enemy force near Landing Zone JULIET. The 3rd Platoon was on point and made the initial contact with the NVA. They aggressively pursued and were immediately hit by several enemy heavy and light machineguns, cutting them off from the rest of the company. Most of the 3rd Platoon was able to exfiltrate back to the "A" Company perimeter, where the company found itself under very heavy attack. By 1500, artillery and air strikes had discouraged the NVA, which broke contact and withdrew into the jungles.

The price paid by "A" Company was very high - 25 dead, 36 more wounded. The dead were

  • A Co, 1st Bn, 7th Cavalry
    • SP4 Clifton E. Bennett, El Monte, CA
    • SP4 Judge Burroughs, Buffalo, NY
    • PFC Orrie J. Buskey, Champlain, NY
    • PFC Brian J. Clune, Scarsdale, NY
    • PFC Donald L. Corbin, Swedesboro, NJ (Medic, HHC with A/1/7)
    • PSGT Melvin F. Floyd, Amarillo, TX
    • PFC Charles R. Greene, Lake Ronkonkoma, NY
    • PFC David C. Hampton, Oklahoma City, OK
    • SSG Martis L. Haynes, Vanderbilt, TX
    • PFC Douglas W. Jones, Lowry City, MO
    • SP4 John J. Kolz, Thayer, MO (Medic, HHC with A/1/7)
    • PFC George E. Matuscsak, Kearny, NJ
    • PFC Alfredo Ostolazo-Maldonado, Santurce, PR (Medic, HHC with A/1/7)
    • PFC Mark E. Parker, New York, NY
    • SP4 Derek B. Pope, Alameda, CA
    • PFC Richard W. Power, Southwick, MA
    • SP4 Charles R. Powers, Thayer, MO
    • SP4 Richard W. Roy, New Britain, CT
    • SP4 Donald A. Sherrod, Knoxville, TN
    • PFC John H. Shetters, Cowan, TN
    • PFC Frederick Stafford, Philadelphia, PA
    • PFC Bradley H. Tate, Pearisburg, VA
    • PFC David L. Thorpe, San Andreas, CA
    • PFC Jack A. Welch, Chicago, IL

  • HHC, 1st Bn, 7th Cavalry
Battalion Command Sergeant Major Richard Schaaf had volunteered to accompany Alpha 1/7 on the operation. He and his friend, Platoon Sergeant Francisco Roig of the 3rd Platoon, were instrumental in extracting the 3rd Platoon from the ambush site. SMAJ Schaaf was killed while providing covering fire; PSGT Roig survived. Both were awarded the Silver Star for their actions.

PFC Buskey received his first Combat Infantry Badge, first Purple Heart, and the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal while serving with the 82nd Airborne Division in the Dominican Republic.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his sister,
Elizabeth Buskey

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With all respect
Jim Schueckler, former CW2, US Army
Ken Davis, Commander, United States Navy (Ret)
Memorial first published on 1 Apr 2004
Last updated 07/11/2006