Martin Dean Childress

Specialist Four
Army of the United States
07 February 1944 - 12 August 1969
Marion, Ohio
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Combat Infantry

Purple Heart, National Defense, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign

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05 Nov 2005

My name is Danae. Dean is my uncle. I am the daughter of his brother Jerry. I don't remember Dean, as he had already passed before I was born, but I do know that he was and still is very loved. I have heard many stories about him. I am very sad that he is gone. It has been 36 years since he died in Binh Long, Vietnam, but the painful memories of his death are still felt.

Dean was the youngest son of 10 children. He is proceeded in death by his parents John Henry and Shirley J Childress, his brothers and sisters: Lavada, Dorothy, Joseph, Simon and Cindy. His siblings who are still living are Otis, Jerry, Clara, and Ina.

Dean was a true HERO. He is sadly missed by us all.

Lora Danae Childress-Brown
364 W Liberty Street, Geneva, Ohio 44041

09 Nov 2005

Hello, my name is Nicole Childress. I never had the opportunity to know my uncle, Dean Childress. All I know is that he died in Vietnam and people still miss him today. I have heard a lot of stories about him from my father, Paul Childress, and it makes me sad to know that such a young, loving Angel from God was taken away so quick. We love and hope to see you, Uncle Dean, someday in heaven.

From his niece,
Nicole Childress

17 Nov 2005

I am deeply sorry for the loss of Lora's Uncle. Though she did not personally get a chance to know him, I know in my heart that she loves him just the same.

My father survived Viet Nam. He was a member of the Strategic Air Command in the USAF and served in Viet Nam 1969 and 1970. Though he is still with us today, I am grateful for all that he did for OUR country.

In addition, my uncle was a serviceman in Viet Nam, serving in the USMC. He was so proud of his service, but sadly passed away in May, 2005, from cancer, which the doctors felt was a consequence of his service in Viet Nam and his contact with Agent Orange, which was used in the jungles during the war.

I pray for all those who have served our country in past wars, as well as those who are currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, I salute all those who served in our Armed Forces during peace time. Your service shall not be forgotten!

From a friend,
Tracy Horvath

15 Feb 2006

This was the first memorial I ever saw about my namesake, remembering the stories from mom, dad, and my siblings along with aunts, uncles, and many, many friends and people who knew him, including the man he went to war with on the buddy system - my wife's stepfather Gene Holsinger, who served in Vietnam and was injured but survived. It is a great honor and privilege to know that I was named after such a well-loved and respected and honorable man. I could only hope that maybe some day that I could be remembered as well. It would be my tribute to my Uncle Dean. I love you, and God Bless you and all who have served our great country. You will never be forgotten.

From a nephew,
Martin Dean Patterson

A Note from The Virtual Wall

SP4 Childress was one of eleven men killed during an attack on the Quan Loi Base Camp (Landing Zone ANDY) on 12 August 1969:
  • 1st Sqdn, 11th Armored Cavalry
    • SGT Jose L. Flores, Los Angeles, CA

  • 2nd Sqdn, 11th Armored Cavalry
    • 2LT David S. Deters, Bowling Green, MO
    • SSG John J. Sinclair, New York, NY
    • SGT Christopher C. Webster, Great Falls, MT
    • SGT Larry R. Schmidt, Oconomowoc, WI
    • SP4 Marcello N. Barrios, Artesia, CA
    • SP4 Larry J. Wheeler, Tangent, OR

  • 1st Bn, 7th Cavalry
    • CPL Clinton J. Weaver, Columbus, GA
    • SP4 Martin D. Childress, Marion, OH

  • 1st Bn, 8th Cavalry
    • SP4 Lee R. Shaw, Buffalo, IL

  • C Btry, 2nd Bn (ARA), 20th Artillery
    • WO Francis McDowall, Lawrenceville, GA
Warrant Officer McDowall was the pilot in command of AH-1G tail number 67-15723 flying in support of the ground troops at LZ ANDY. When he ran out of ammo and fuel he chose to land at LZ ANDY for rearming rather than going back to base at LZ BUTTONS, thereby reducing the time he could not help the men on the ground. The landing area was under fire and WO McDowell was killed by RPG/mortar fire while on the ground.

The point-of-contact for this memorial is
his niece,
Lora Danae Childress-Brown
364 W Liberty Street, Geneva, Ohio 44041
05 Nov 2005

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